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Fri Jun 19, 2009 3am - 6am 
Melinda SimonGoosy Goosy GanderSounds for Little Ones / Dish Recordings
Panda BearTake Pills
Person Pitch / Paw Tracks
Cusack, PeterBaikal Ice Flow Split 1 (excerpt)Baikal Ice (Spring 2003) / ReR Megacorps
Broadrick, JustinStop At RedReading All The Right Signals Wrong / No Quarter
Luxury MolluscAriolinax NoctornusSkaffold Ov Bone / Husk Recordings
Broadrick, JustinGreenReading All The Right Signals Wrong / No Quarter

Mark Pauline & Jupiter-LarsenOctober 24TH, 1992
Survival Research Laboratories / Sub Rosa
AxolotlBondsAxolotl/Skullflower 7" / Not Not Fun Records
Hair PoliceObedience Cuts
Obedience Cuts / Freedom From
the Paralax CorporationSlowflight RunnerCocadisco / Discos Dmy
PcrvRuralality Part 2
Big Sky / C.I.P and Snse
MasonnaShinsen Na Clitoris part IUltimate Collection 2 / Alchemy Records
MuslimgauzeHarijanaUzbekistani Bizzare And Souk / Important Records

Hi-GodSide AHi-God/Zond 12" / Spanish Magic
NursesTrack 1Wednesday Night Live - KZSU - 3-28-2007 / KZSU
White HillsEternityHeads On Fire / Thrill Jockey
Crosby, BingDear Old DonegalBig Crosby - Top O' The Morning, His Irish Collection / Decca

Wolf Eyes & SicknessA Diet Of Speed And BeerThere Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know / Hospital Productions
AjilvsgaPursuit By A Rattling SkullGathering Of Owls / Digitalis Industries
PendroTazoa Torture Temple
Malpractice: A Fflint Central Primer / Birdman Records

RobedoorCondemned DescentShapeshifter Slave / Olde English Spelling Bee
Bianchi, MaurizioLamb WarsMokushi XVI, XVI /

VertonenTurntable Souffle #2
Stations / C.I.P and Snse
NecroanalThe Ol' Vibrating Rubber Vagina/Meat Grinder Switcheroo
Obligatory Self-Titled Debut Release / Nonesuch Records
I-SoundSufferersMortal Clash / Ambush Records
Alec EmpireWhen You'vr Reached Your PeaMacro Dub Inf VOL.2 / Caroline/Gyroscope
MammalAnti Cloud
Double Nature / Snse
Gui BorattoNo Turning Back
Take My Breath Away / Kompakt
Gnome Eaters, TheFly A GarlicNaturalism /
something in Russian?!?! (not sure)Track 1Code: Algeria / Res Adversae Productions