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Sat Mar 28, 2009 9pm - midnight 
Stereolab/Nurse with WoundAnimal or Vegetable (A WondeCrumb Duck / Clawfist
Potpie Vs. KrzysztofDescending MoonshineAppalachia / Backporch Revolution
east bay chasersmiserableit came from the east bay / east bay chasers
Balzacgodlessdeep blue: chaos from the darkness / misfits
DemonicsDevil Babyformaldehyde injection / man's ruin
d.i.pervert nursehorse bites dog cries / triple x
ill reputeclean cut american kidpositive charged / grand theft audio
funeral orationmotherlodecommunion / nasty vinyl
the crucifuckspig in a blanketour will be done comp. / alternative tentacles
Drunken MonkeyYou Are What You Love
Orquestations For A Strange World / Splintered Tree Records
Dr. KnowMr. Freezelive on KZSU / outer A
Northern Avenger / Sudden Death Records
TsolPyroDisappear / Nitro Records
Doggy Stylepre-teensbest of flipside / flipside
TemplarsYou DecideOmne Datum Optimum / Gmm Records
Anbian, RobertWarI Not I / edgetone