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Wed Feb 25, 2009 10pm - midnight 
GrayceonStill the DesertThis Grand Show / Vendlus
ThouWith a Cold, Life Extinguishing EleganceTyrant / Gilead Media
GojiraEsoteric SurgeryThe Way of All Flesh / Prosthetic

Landmine MarathonBled to OblivionRusted Eyes Awake / Level-Plane
Keitzertrack 5As the World Burns / Yellow Dog
Toxic HolocaustNuke The Cross
An Overdose Of Death... / Relapse Records
Population ReductionSchnauzer Autopsy
Each Birth A New Disaster / Tankcrimes
Population ReductionHash Smoking Grind Freaksv
Each Birth A New Disaster / Tankcrimes

GridlinkBlackAmber Gray / Hydra Head
NoismMan-i-c+- / Crucial Blast
NoisearSenselessly Torn ApartBy thye Corporate UndertowPyroclastic Annhiallation / RSR

Brutal TruthForever in a Daze/You Should Know Better/Dogs of War/TurmoilV/A This Comp Kills Fascists Vol 1 / Relapse
Misery IndexRuling Class Cancelled
Traitors / Relapse Records
Misery IndexMeet RealityMisery Index/Mumakil split CD / Power It Up
Kill the ClientBullet Proof VulturesCleptocracy / Willowtip
AsraPayloadThe Way of All Flesh / Black Box

NasumCorrosion (live)Doombringer / Relapse
ColdworkerCitizens Of The Cyclopean Maze
Rotting Paradise / Relapse Records
Rotten SoundSimplicityCycles / Spinefarm
Cripple BastardsVariante All MorteVariante Alla Morte / Feto

PhobiaRise Up22 Random Acts of Violence / Willowtip
Parlamentarisk SodomiParlamentarisk SodomiHar Du Sagt A Far Du Si Nal / No Escape
HellnationCop RockCapitalist Casualties/Hellnation split CD / Sound Pollution/Six Weeks
Total Fucking DestructionAnyone But MePeace, love aand Total Fucking Destruction / Enucleation

Hummingbird of Deathside AGoatmeal 5" / Cowabunga
The Endless BlockadeIrrationalism Uber AllesPrimitive / 20 Buck Spin
Venomous ConceptToxic KissPoisoned Apple / Century Media

DisfearIn Exodus
Live The Storm / Relapse Records
WolfbrigadeBarren DreamsComalive / Deranged
Shades of GreyCapitalism Must Come to an EndShades of Grey/Massmord split CD / Profane Existence
ProtestantDisgraceThe Hate. The Hollow / Halo of Flies

Second OpinionRevolt
Bay Area Thrash Iii: Ballistic Thrash Dentonation / 625 Thrashcore
Bruise VioletMan's Worlds/t 7" / Emancypunx
Sex VidAlways HomeNests 7" / Dom America

Rolo TomassiI Love TurbulenceHysterics / Hassle

Mika MikoSex Jazz (extended)Sex Jazz 7" / Sub Pop