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Sat Feb 21, 2009 6pm - 9pm 
PegataurScourge Of The Stars
Eternal Flight / Foronce
SaxonBattalions Of Steel
Into The Labyrinth / Spv Gmbh
RiotViolent CrimesRestless Breed (1982) / Elektra
Armored SaintReleasedDelerious Nomad / Chrysilais

Monoli / Dark Reign Recordings
VahallChildhood MemoriesHeading for Mars / Head Not Found
PentagramMadmanDay of Reckoning / Day of Reckoning
Burning SavioursSeeing is BelievingBurning Saviours / I Hate

Young WidowsTook A Turn
Old Wounds / Temporary Residence
Big BusinessO.G.
Head for the Shallow / Hydra Head
FloorChelseaFloor/Spazz / Bovine
SubhumansOh Canaduh
Death Was Too Kind / Alternative Tentacles Records
Chimp Eats BananasShopping List
Messthetics Greatest Hiss / Hyped 2 Death

SatyriconDie By My Hand
Age Of Nero, The / Koch Entertainment
Book Of Black EarthFuneral Of Peace
Horoskopus / Prosthetic Records
DoomedTwelve PropheciesHaematomania / Peaceville Records
Nihilist (Sweden!)Revel In FleshNihilist (& Entombed) demos 1987-1989 / Candlelight/Threeman
KreatorAbsolute Misanthropy
Hordes Of Chaos / Spv Gmbh
F.K.U.ManiacMetal Moshing Mad / Black Diamond

DoomPolice BastardPolice Bastard / Profane Existence
FilthkickKill Kill KillFilthkick/Rise From the Dead / Mcr Company (Japan)
AnarcrustModern SlaveryModern Slavery / E Quality Records
DirtManhunterBeast or Burden / Tribal War Records
R.A.M.B.O.That Lump in Your Throat
Bring It! / Havoc Records

D R ISad to BeCounter Attack / Beer City
Insect WarfareChainsaw Justice
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore
Parlimentarisk SodomiGlattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross
2006 & 2007 Demos / Self Release
Parlimentarisk SodomiBestalisk Oligarki/Bestial Oligarchy
2006 & 2007 Demos / Self Release
AmenDrink or notCrust and Anguished Life / Mcr Company (Japan)
Cripple BastardsMass MediaFrammenti Di Vita / Ecocentric Records

ParamaeciumThe Unnatural Conception inExhumed of the Earth / R.E.X. Records
My Dying BrideA Cruel Taste of WinterDreadful Hours, the / Peaceville Records

NachtmystiumOmnivoreAssassins: Black Meddle Part I / Century Media
The ViciousSuicidal GenerationSucidal Generation/Suspicions / Wasted Sounds

VocokeshLove Theme From El Topo
Tenth Corner, the / Strange Attractors Audio
Jeff BeckSpace Boogie
Performing This Week... / Eagle Records