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Sat Jan 31, 2009 9pm - midnight 
My Bloody ValentineOnly ShallowLoveless / (Unknown)
AdventureLoredoAdventure / Carpark Records
Mercury RevContinuous Trucks and ThundeYerself Is Steam / Columbia Records (College
loopblack sunfade out / rough u.s.
the Jesus and Mary ChainFar Gone and Out (Arc Weld MFar Gone and Out / Def American (Metal)
Sonic YouthMacbethScreaming Fields of Sonic Love / Geffen Records
Vodka SoapUntitled A
Oceansion Island / Pacific City Studios
Blood Saints / Inam Records
Actoon & Amper-O-MatMens
Surf Menstruation Surfers / Listen Loudest
Brian Jonestown MassacreHyperventilationMethodrone / Asphodel
BroadcastHammer Without A MasterFuture Crayon, The / Warp Records
SpindriftThe New West (Vocal Version)
West, The / Beat The World Records
Miss DerringerPeople Ain't No GoodLullabies / Sympathy Records
Nick Cave & the Bad SeedsStagger LeeMurder Ballads / Reprise Records (Modern)
Miss MurgatroidToys that Don't CareMyoclyonic Melodies / W.I.N. Records
Experimental Audio ResearchMesmerise 4901Mesmerized / Sympathy for the Record I
Angels of LightNew City in the FutureHow I Loved You / Young God Records
KorperschwacheBlack Helicopters
Eight Velvet Paintings For Helen Keller / Inam Records
Experimental Dental SchoolWhale Drone
Jane Doe Loves Me / Cochon Records
the Animal CollectiveToo Soon
Here Comes the Indian / Paw Tracks
John BakerTom Tom (Theme)
John Baker Tapes, Volume 1, The / Trunk Records
GiraffeStatic Blanket Transmission
Hear Here / The Land Of
conflictthe right to replyconclusion / sos
Sore ThroatGo AwayAnd We Don't Care / Weasel Records
Dead SilenceFreedomFarmhouse Records Comp / Farmhouse Records
Dead KennedysCalifornia Uber AllesGive Me Conveneince or Give Me / Alternative Tentacles Records
against all authoritysilence is golden but duct tape is silver(col.) corruption of american youth vol.1 / crash assailant
RoilCollideFarmhouse Records Comp / Farmhouse Records
Butt TrumpetPink GunPrimitive Enema / Hell Yeah
Fucked UpDays Of Last
Chemistry Of Common Life, The / Matador Records