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Wed Jan 28, 2009 10pm - midnight 
IceburnPower Of The Lion Pt. 3
Invocation Of Sacred Resonance / Southern Lord Recordings
PegataurThe Dual Becoming
Eternal Flight / Foronce
the Fucking ChampsNwobhm 2Iv / Drag City
Tide, The / Solid State Records

Brutal TruthWalking CorpseExtreme Conditions Demand Extr / (Unknown)
Napalm DeathSuffer the ChildrenHarmony Corruption / Earache
BenedictionBeg, You Dogs
Killing Music / Locomotive Music S.L.
Fuck The FactsAs Empires Expand And Collapse
Disgorge Mexico / Relapse Records
Insect WarfareAfter War Obliteration
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore

NocturnusDestroying The MangerThe Key / Earache
DestructionThe AntichristInfernal Overkill / Steam Hammer
WarhammerMasters of FatalismThe Curse of the Absolute Eclipse / Grindsyndicate/Nuclear Blast
BloodbathMock The Cross
Fathomless Master, The / Peaceville Records

Dominator / Pulverized Records
BloodswornDestruction In The Name Of Satan
All Hyllest Til Satan / Agonia
EnslavedNew Dawn
Vertebrae / Nuclear Blast America
ArckanumNakepturAntikosmos / Moribund

Second OpinionRevolt
Bay Area Thrash Iii: Ballistic Thrash Dentonation / 625 Thrashcore
Hell's KitchenWorld of SinIf you can't take the heat / Boner
AgressionRich KidsCOLL: Mystic Sampler #2 / Mystic
Coffin BreakOn My OwnCrawl / (Unknown)
Annihilation TimeGerm Freak (I Ain't No)III / Tee Pee

AmebixAxemanMake Some Fuckin' Noise / Arson
MdcNazis Shouldn't Drive
Magnus Dominus Corpus / Sudden Death Records
Fucked UpDays Of Last
Chemistry Of Common Life, The / Matador Records
Steve MartinI Gave My Cat A BathLet's Get Small / Warner Bros. Records
the Budget GirlsWe're TightOn a Tight Budget / Damaged Goods

Jeff BeckCause We've Ended As Lovers
Performing This Week... / Eagle Records