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Thu Dec 18, 2008 8pm - midnight 
Cave inThe End of Our Rope Is a NooUntil Your Heart Stops / Hydra Head

At the GatesColdSlaughter of the Soul / Earache
the Dillinger Escape Plan43% BurntCalculating Infinity / Relapse Records
IndecisionCrawlingRelease the Cure / Mia Records
His Hero Is GoneThe Unwanted ChildMonuments to Thieves / Prank
JihadWithoutOld Testament / Makoto Records
His Hero Is GoneCarry onMonuments to Thieves / Prank

BotchE FortunaThe John Birch Conspiracy Theory / Phyte
UnbrokenFinal ExpressionIt's getting tougher to say the right things / ?
HarvestEpicureTransitions / ?
EyelidIron? / ?
ThrowdownBaby got back? / ?
Good Clean FunIn defense of all lifeon the streets saving the scene from the forces of evil / ?
Jud JudHigh Hat SongXthe demosX / ?
Good Clean FunLoser dot comon the streets saving the scene from the forces of evil / ?
Reversal of ManGet the Kid with the sideburns!!!!!!Revolution Summer / ?

The ExploderJane GreyThis Sound Starts Right Here / ?
FrailAmerican as Apple PieMake Your Own Noise / ?
Fields Lay FallowWood on Fire100 Years of High Rises LP / ?
Swing KidsBlue NoteDiscography / ?
LackKill Britney
Blues Moderne:Danois Explosifs / Scene Police
the Blood BrothersCecilia and the Silhouette N
Burn Piano Island, Burn / Artist Direct Records
Milemarker[Lack of]Non Plus Ultra / ?

Clickitat IkatowiScience Fiction RealityAugust 29-30 / ?
Indian SummerI Think Your Train Is LeavingDiscography / ?
Moss IconWhat They LackGreta Garbo 7" / ?
Rites of SpringFor Want OfEnd on End / ?
Universal Order of ArmageddonFence SongDiscography / Dischord

Universal Order of ArmageddonStepping Softly IntoDiscography / Dischord
The Convocation OfSolitaireThe Convocation Of / ?
The Great UnravelingDemons LingerThe Great Unraveling / ?

Party of HelicoptersThe Vengeful Biblical CharacterAbracadaver / ?
Harriet the Spy(untitled)unfuckwithable / ?
Yaphet KottoAre You Still Working At That Cafe?The Killer Was in the Government Blankets / ?

TristezaMemphis EmphasisSpine and Sensory / Mokoto Recordings
Four Hundred YearsTransmit FailureTransmit Failure / ?
Hot Water MusicThree Summers StrongForever and Counting / ?

Pussycat TrashObject to I-DentBrat Years: 1992-1995, the / Troubleman Unlimited
QuixoticI'm the Light of the WorldNight for Day / Ixor Stix
Red MonkeyPoor ChoiceMake the Moment / Slampt Underground
Cold Cold HeartsLady! Reversible! (Alleged.)Cold Cold Hearts / Kill Rock Stars
Dead MoonIt's OkHard Wired in Ljubljana / Empty Records
SnuffMartinDemmamussabebonk / Fat Wreck Chords

FranklinMajor TaylorFranklin / Tree
FugaziFurnitureFugazi / Dischord
Circus LupusTexas MinuteSolid Brass / Dischord
BrainiacVincent Comes on DownHissing Prigs in Static Coutur / Touch and Go
the MonorchidX Marks the Spot: Somethi...Who Put Out the Fire? / Touch and Go

TowelMetal ObjectAnthology / Vermiform
ClutchA Shogun Named MarcusTransnational Speedway League: / Eastwest Records (Modern)
Hot SnakesMystery BoyAutomatic Midnight / Sympathy for the Record I
the Fucking ChampsThor Is Like ImmortalIv / Drag City
KarpForget the MinionsSelf Titled Lp / K Records
NeurosisSouls at ZeroSouls at Zero / Alternative Tentacles Records
Creation Is CrucifixionThe Cyborg HandbookIn Silico / Scorched Earth Policy
Brutal TruthWalking CorpseExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses / Earache

Ex OrkestKokend AsfaltEen Rondje Holland / Ex Records
the Young GodsPrologueYoung Gods Play Kurt Weil, the / Play It Again Sam Records
the Young GodsSalomon SongYoung Gods Play Kurt Weil, the / Play It Again Sam Records
the Young GodsMackie MesserYoung Gods Play Kurt Weil, the / Play It Again Sam Records
the Young GodsSpeak LowYoung Gods Play Kurt Weil, the / Play It Again Sam Records