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Fri Oct 24, 2008 3pm - 6pm 
Iaies, Adrian Trio/Michael ZismanAstor Changes
Vals De La 81st & Columbus / Sunnyside Communications

Frank LoweIn Trane's Name [excerpt]
Black Beings / Esp-Disk'
Kris DavisBlack Tunnel
Rye Eclipse / Fresh Sound New Talent

Equal TimeRegeneration X: Phase 2
Regeneration X / Avant Coast
15 Degrees Below ZeroWestward
New Travel / Edgetone Records
Schuller, George / Circle WideSurvivors' Suite (Part 2)
Like Before, Somewhat After / Playscape Recordings

-- (4:00 p.m.) --
Kihlstedt/Robair/SperryAfter Sonarchy
Sonarchy 1998 / Majmua Music
Sutekh Loves Miguel GalperinPhobic Duo #1
45 Seconds Of: / Simballrec
Fire RoomDashboard Fire
Broken Music / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Liz AllbeeFanfare The Goad Offal Ages
Quarry Tones / Resipiscent

Junk BoxSoldier's Depression
Cloudy Then Sunny / Libra Records
Sam ShalabiPitchfork
Eid / Alien 8 Recordings
Cuong VuAccelerated Thoughts
Vu-Tet / Artistshare

Bernhard GanderBunny Games [parts 7,8,9]
Bunny Games / Kairos
The Giants Of GenderMonogram
Giants Of Gender, The / Edgetone Records
Colin StetsonLetter to HST
New History Warfare: Volume 1 / Aagoo Records

Cecil TaylorLeaf Taken HornIn Florescence / A&M Records

-- (5:00 p.m.) --
Cecil TaylorThird PleasureAlways a Pleasure / Fmp Records

Larry/Sax Ochs And Drumming CoreFinn Crosses Mars
Neon Truth, the / Black Saint
Bloom ProjectSam
Prismatic Season / Edgetone Records

Within / Leo Records