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Fri Oct 10, 2008 3pm - 6pm 
Cooper-Moore/Assif TsaharAmerica
America / Hopscotch Records

Cooper-Moore QuartetParadoxVision Volume One: Vision Festival 1997 / AUM Fidelity
Cole, Bill/Untempered Ensemble [Cooper-Moore, harp]Excerpt from "Seasoning the Greens" [excerpt of the excerpt]Vision Volume One: Vision Festival 1997 / AUM Fidelity

Cooper-MooreBlues for Jacki ByardDeep In The Neighberhood Of History And Influence / Hopscotch Records
Todd SickafooseInvisible Ink, Revealed
Tiny Resistors / Cryptogramophone
Baker, JenPip SqueakBlue Dreams / Dilapidated Barns

Schuller, George / Circle WideSurvivors' Suite (Part 1)
Like Before, Somewhat After / Playscape Recordings
Dubowsky, Jack Curtis Ensemble ISignals
S/T / De Stijl Records

-- (4:00 p.m.) --
Billy BangContrary MotionBig Bang Theory / Justin Time Records, Inc.
Kaufmann/Gratkowski/De JoodeSome Lanes
Palae / Leo Records
Christopher AdlerEcstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze [excerpt]
Ecstatic Volutions In A Neon Haze / Innova Recordings
Kris DavisMinnow Bucket
Rye Eclipse / Fresh Sound New Talent

Matt DavignonDpvrb K
"Bwoo" / Edgetone Records
Annea LockwoodPopina To Rasova [excerpt]
A Sound Map Of The Danube / Lovely Music, Ltd
ChumbawambaWaiting For The Bus
Boy Bands Have Won, The / Trade Root Music, Llc
Bill FrisellStruggle, Part 2
History, Mystery / Nonesuch Records

William ParkerO'Neal's Bridge
Double Sunrise Over Neptune: Live At Vision Festival Xii / Aum Fidelity
William ParkerMorning Mantra
Double Sunrise Over Neptune: Live At Vision Festival Xii / Aum Fidelity
-- (5:00 p.m.) --
Etran FinatawaSaghmar N Nanna
Desert Crossroads / Riverboat Records
Vloeimans, EricBoom-PetitBoompetit / Challenge

Evan ParkerLine 2Lines Burnt in Light / Psi Records
Miya MasaokaPart 1While I Was Walking, I Heard A Sound... / Solitary B Records
Leikam, David Trio And Quartet[untitled track 7]
Live! / Dbcl

Gino RobairFree Use Of The Halving PrincipleSingular Pleasures / Rastascan Records
Fire RoomSlag
Broken Music / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Ben Allison & Man Size SafeFour Folk Songs
Little Things Run The World / Palmetto Records