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Fri Sep 12, 2008 3pm - 6pm 
Ribot, Marc's Ceramic DogTodo El Mundo Es Kitsch
Party Intellectuals / Pi Recordings

Bloom ProjectShattered Eventide
Prismatic Season / Edgetone Records
New York Art QuartetUntitled
New York Art Quartet / Esp-Disk'

Evans, Peter Quartet!!!!!
Peter Evans Quartet / Firehouse 12
PulgaReturn to the Forest of Shoes [excerpt]
Pulga Loves You / Fire Museum Records
Jason AjemianU're The Guy (Keith Wood)
Art Of Dying, The / Delmark Records

Leikam, David Trio And Quartet[untitled track 3; by the trio z_bug]
Live! / Dbcl
Bob Weller & EllenCollusion
Point Of Contact / Circumvention Music

-- (4:00 p.m.) --
William ParkerNeptune's Mirror
Double Sunrise Over Neptune: Live At Vision Festival Xii / Aum Fidelity

Sangeeta BandyopadhyayMero Mana Rama Hi Rama RaterShruti / Dunya
Gauthier, Jeff GoatetteFriends Of The Animals
House Of Return / Cryptogramophone

Cuong VuAccelerated Thoughts
Vu-Tet / Artistshare
Joseph JarmanAdam's RibSong for / Delmark Records
-- (5:00 p.m.) --
Joel HarrisonAmerican Farewell
Wheel, The / Innova Recordings

Tom Heasley29 Palms [excerpt]Desert Triptych / Self Release
William/Wong/Kavee RoperKing Casper Meditates On the Coming JourneyLament of Absalom, the / Asian Improv Records
Tim Trevor-Briscoe & Nicloa GuazzalocaFirst Gibbering Story
One Hot Afternoon / Leo Records
Wondrous HorsePompeii & HercolaneumCavallo Meraviglioso / Fire Museum Records

Steve LacyForest
Forest And The Zoo, The / Esp-Disk'
Romus, Rent/Lords Of OutlandDo-Gooders Can Run But They Can't Hide
You Can Sleep When You're Dead / Edgetone Records

Valerie Smith & Becky BullerThe RiverHere's A Little Song / Bell Buckle Records