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Wed Sep 10, 2008 7pm - 9pm 
People Like UsUrsula Fahrt SkiRecyclopaedia Britannica / Soleilmoon Recordings
T Evolution Control CommitteeRebel Without a Pause (WhippWhipped Cream Mixes, the / Eerie Materials
Odt Muzic Remix Featuring Snoop DoggI Walk The Line
Johnny Cash Remixed / Compadre Records
the Evolution Control CommittI Want a Cookie
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Saul WilliamsSunday Bloody SundayInevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust!, The / Fadermusic
the Evolution Control CommittSex Re-Education
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Th Disposable Heroes of HiphoTelevision, the Drug of theHypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxu / 4TH and Broadway
Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America / None
Neil HamburgerJug Town
Sings Country Winners / Drag City
Sailor WintersRelief
Parker Volumes 1 & 2 / Witch House Records (Dot Com)

Giant SandWithout A Word
Provisions / Yep Roc Records
Cuong VuAccelerated Thoughts
Vu-Tet / Artistshare
Iron LungMedic
Sexless//No Sex / Prank
Miss Murgatroid & Petra HadenSomething's Wrong
Hearts & Daggers / File Under Music
Fabulous DisasterRich Bitches in Volvos PissWnl / Outer a Records
Obzen / Nuclear Blast
Arachnid ArcadeWitch Birth
Arachnid Arcade / Curor
Turi FukaDrive My Car
Taze Hitova / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Dan Burke And Thomas DimuzioDeregulation
Upcoming Events / No Fun Productions
Tammy / Resipiscent
Speedy J and Kait GrayNails in the Wall
Fire this Time, the / Hidden Art

Bad HabitsWho Are You
Rock Out!!! Punk On!!! / Self
Labor PartyLower East Side Yuppie
Hellhound Down / Steel Cage Records
LincolnsJulianna The Sun
Commit A Felony / Www.Myspace.Com/Thelincolns
FearLets Have a WarFear the Record / Slash
The Abbasi BrothersStacy's Day Parade
Something Like Nostalgia / Dynamophone Records

L'autrichienne / Relapse Records
StereolabJohn Cage BubblegumWhy Rockstars Cant Dance / Slumberland