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Sat Nov 16, 2002 9pm - midnight 
m.i.a.cold sweatlast rites / smoke seven
d.j. lebowitzholiday in cambodiabeware of the piano / fowl records
Dead KennedysHoliday in CambodiaGive Me Conveneince or Give Me / Alternative Tentacles
doggy styleblack dogdoggy style II / flipside
conflict u.s.see what i've donethis is phoenix not the circle jerks / placebo
naked aggressionkids in americamarch march along / mighty
the low numbersbelsen was a gassaturday night pogo / rhino
feederzburning mp3svandalism: beautiful as A rock in A cops face / broken rekids
subhumansparasitesep lp / bluurg
Drunk InjunsMental HolocaustFrom Where the Sun Stands / Alternative Tentacles
corpus delectichild, childthe joy of living / mystic
birdlandrock-n-roll nigerbirdland / lazy
the Leaving TrainsKids Wanna KnowLoser Illusion Pt. O / Sst Records/New Alliance
Iggy and the StoogesI Got a RightYear of the Iguana / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
the Streetwalkin' CheetahsBuilt for SpeedOverdrive / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Los OlvidadosBang Bang You're DeadListen to This!!! / Alternative Tentacles
the ProcessYer SisterEnd Times / Industrial Strength
A.F.U.punk for a dayanti-fascist underground / dont compare
the Rip OffsSleeparoundRip Off Records / Rip Off Records
Sahara HotnightsAlright AlrightJennie Bomb / Jetset Records
BangsCall and ResponseCall and Response / Kill Rock Stars
the Young OnesDiy Til I DieSummer 2002 Tour Demo / Unknown
the Eddie HaskellsDumpster Divin'Eddie Haskells/Fracas / Hub Cap and Wheel Records
super bee'ssilverjet/greyhound toothsuper bee's / cabeza de tornado
terminal cheesecaketrack 9angels in pigtails / pathological
illusion of safetywe can now tell you two thingsmore violence and geography / complacency
king diamondphone callthe dark sides / roadracer
CharalambidesThink AboutMarket Square / Siltbreeze
Legendary Pink DotsLentA Perfect Mystery / Caciocavallo
coiltainted loveaqua regis / wax trax
Robert RichFolded SpaceA Slight Touch of Grac / Relapse Records
neither neither worldoh henrysociopathic pleasures / majestic chaos
strength through joythe force of truth and liesthe force of truth and lies / twilight command
david bowieshapes of thingspin ups / RCA