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Thu May 01, 2008 9am - noon 
Harris, QuentinPolitical InterludeNo Politics / Strictly Rhythm
KaskadePeace On EarthHere & Now / OM
FaithlessA Kind of Peace (Gabriel and Dresden Rmx)A Kind of Peace (Gabriel and Dresden Rmx) / Nate's Tunes
MusettaPeace And Melody (Bart Van Wissen Remix)Peace & Melody / Morrison Recordings
Fischer, ChristianStay In Peace (Exclusive Digital-Only Remix)Stay In Peace / Abyss
Harris, QuentinPoor PeopleNo Politics / Strictly Rhythm
BtLove, Peace and Grease_Escm / Warner Brothers (Modern)
KaskadeEverything (Kaskade's Big Room Mix)Here & Now / OM
Tranquility BassThey Came in PeaceTransmitting From Heaven / Exist Dance
Q-Burns Abstract MessageA Song for PeaceBmf: Sound in the Roun / Shadow Records
Birdy Nam NamReady For War, Ready For Whut?Birdy Nam Nam / Uncivilized World
ConsolidatedWe Gotta Have PeaceFriendly Fascism / Nettwerk Records
Dj TeebeeFuture WarBlacksciencelabs / Certificate 18 Records
Dr. Israel / Dreadtone InternationalPatterns Of War
Patterns Of War / Roir
Eat StaticHoly WarCrash and Burn! / Cyberoctave
Robert FiskWar To End War
War, Journalism, And The Middle East / Ak Press
Paul HaslingerWar in the Heart of EdenScore / Rgb Records
Illusion of SafetyThermonuclear Holy WarDistraction / Odd Size Records
Greg PalastGeorge W., War Hero
Weapon of Mass Instruction / Alternative Tentacles Records
Greg PalastWho Won the War
Weapon of Mass Instruction / Alternative Tentacles Records
SavakWar CrimesFour.Hundred.Forty.Four.Days. / Possessive Blindfold
Ryuichi SakamotoWar & Peace (Cornelius Remix)
Bricolages / Kab America Inc.
VuWe Are at WarHandbook for the Apocalypse / Wide Hive
Howard ZinnArtists and the Great WarArtists in a Time of War / Ak Press
Joseph MalikCasualties of WarAquarius Songs / Compost Records
Howard ZinnRevolutions in the RevolutioStories Hollywood Never Tells / Ak Press
Tommy GuerreroWar No MoreFrom The Soil To The Soul / Tvt Records
Doctor EchoNo More WarDoctor Echo / Self Release
Funker VogtBody CountT / Metropolis Records
Funker VogtFortunes of WarExecution Tracks / Metropolis Records
AntibalasWar Is a CrimeTalkatif / Ninja Tune
Gil Scott-HeronWork for PeaceSpirits / Tvt Records
StickmenPeace PipeLife Colored Green / 911 Records
Michael Franti & SpearheadRock the NationStay Human / Six Degrees Records