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Wed Mar 05, 2008 7pm - 9pm 
Dick PanthersChurch
Eternal Biological Conflict / Menace To Sobriety
Kevin ShieldsNothings Never Ending
Death Of Patience, The / Deathbomb Arc

CulturcideMetaphor Of LoveYear One / C.I.A. Records
BorisJust Abondoned My-Self
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
Foot VillageGreat Britain And The Bermuda Rebellion
Foot Village / Death Bomb Arc

Immortal TechniqueThe Cause of DeathRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Chthonic ForceThirteen
Delirium Tremens / Discriminate Audio
Bran(...)PosEye Of Horus: Open The Mouth, Place Your Bets
Coin-Op Khepri / C.I.P and Snse
QulfusLove Today
Enos / Gigante Sound
Lonesome Drifter / (No Label Information)
Tom Heasley & Toss PanosElegy For Philip Berrigan
Passages / Full Bleed Music

YikesCarol Ann
Whoa Comas Or Blood Bomb / Kill Shaman
Steven WrightMonopoly
I Still Have A Pony / Comedy Central Records
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UCrystal Rainbow Pyramid
Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars / Important Records
Steven WrightHitchhiker
I Still Have A Pony / Comedy Central Records