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Thu Feb 28, 2008 9am - noon 
Robert RichElectric Ladder
Electric Ladder / Soundscape Productions
Burroughs, William S.William's WelcomeDead City Radio / Island
the Allman Brothers BandDreamsLive at the Atlanta Intl. Pop / Epic Records
Meracz, ThomasVista Marbella / VC-Studios
Fraser, EvanInsectious GrooveOrganica / Evandronix Sonix
Jimi HendrixVoodoo ChileMartin Scorsese Presents / Experience Hendrix
Leikam, DavidShe Loves Another (affected mix edit)She Loves Another (& That's OK) / dBcL recordings
Stearns, BrianLullaby (2006)Odds & Ends / BRS
Watts, AlanMyth and Religion: Democracy In Heaven I / The Electronic University
Mazochi, MichaelIntroductionVolume 1: Until My Teeth Turn Into Sand ... / Roving Gambler Records
Mazochi, MichaelLately IVolume 1: Until My Teeth Turn Into Sand ... / Roving Gambler Records
BlackcowboyCome OnThe Only Time Is Now / Blackcowboy
BjorkHuman BehaviorGreatest Hits / Elektra Records (West Coast)
MelvinsLet God Be Your GardenerYour Choice Live Series 012 / Efa Distribution
John CaleBig White CloudSeducing Down the Door / Rhino Records
John CaleAmsterdamSeducing Down the Door / Rhino Records
John CaleTemperSeducing Down the Door / Rhino Records
Thurston MooreTrees Outside The AcademyTrees Outside The Academy / Ecstatic Peace
Thurston MooreThurston @13Trees Outside The Academy / Ecstatic Peace
John ZornCobra 1 SensyoCobra / Avant
Leikam, David Trio3z_bug: 3, 2, 1 ... Live, 20.09.2007 at 22:00 / dBcL recordings
DownloadSidewinder (Re-Mix)Sidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadGlassblower (Re-Mix)Sidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadBase Metal (Re-Mix)Sidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadChaliceSidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadShemaesinSidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadIM5Sidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadAttallal (Re-Mix By Haujobb)Sidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
DownloadLenge T'agnSidewinder / Nettwerk Productions
La LaqueLe Week-EndEP (preview) / La Laque