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Wed Jan 09, 2008 6pm - 9pm 
CocoAsteroidsPlay Drums & Bass / K Records
Steve MartinGrandmother's SongLets Get Small / Warner Brothers
Evocation / No Fun Productions
Wolf Eyes With John Wiese4:00
Collection / Hanson

Heavy TrashKissy Baby
Going Way Out With Heavy Trash / Yep Roc Records
Heroine SheiksMass SuicideSiamese Pipe / Rubric Records
The Birthday PartyThe Dim LocatorJunkyard / 4AD
SwansWhoreBody to Body, Job to Job / Young God
Manpack VariantAc Ferries
Sticky Wickets / Digitalis Industries
TarnationHalfway To Madness
Rarities / None
Thank YouManifest'd
Sun Sons / Home Taping Is Killing The Record Industry
King CrimsonSartori in TangierBeat / E.G. Records
Carpet FloorHold My HorsesBlow Out / Forehead Eye

Bush TetrasVoodoo
Very Very Happy / Roir
Scratch AcidSkin DripsThe Greatest Gift / Touch and Go
Cabaret VoltaireStay Out Of ItVoice Of America, The / Rough Trade
Glaxo BabiesBecause of YouDreams Interrupted / Cherry Red

KalibasFrom the Waste DownProduct of Hard Living / Willowtip
Job For A CowboyBearing The Serpents Lamb
Genesis / Metal Blade
Black DiceBananas
Load Blown / Paw Tracks
Cheech and ChongDaveCheech and Chong / Ode
Negative ElementDough BoyYes, We Have No Bananas! (7") / Version Sound
Beastie BoysBeastie BoysPollywog Stew (7", 1982) / Ratcage
Mad SocietyRiot SquadMat Society (7", 1981) / Hit and Run
JFABeach Blanket Bongout/Cokes and SnickersBlatant Localism (7", 1981) / Placebo
Meat PuppetsIn a Car/Big House/Dolphin FieldMeat Puppets (7", 1981) / World Imitation
Cheech and ChongSister Mary ElephantBig Bambu / Ode
Siratori, Kenji / Federico BarabinoExpressionesHallucination Cell / Slusaj Najglasnije!

OlekranonDevil Effect
Tins And Shadows / Self
Son Of The Sun / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Sunshine Militant Children's HourDuncan, You Live Too Long
Sunshine Militant Children's Hour/Borful Tang / Gigante
Eleni MandellSilverlake Babies
Snakebite / Space Baby
Mika MikoForensic Scientist
666 / Ppm
Thunder ThighsHyper Like A FemaleThunder Thighs / (Unknown)
EpsilonsI Hate (Your Face)Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand / Retard Disco
Steve MartinpussyA Wild and Crazy Guy / Warner Brothers
The LocustAotkptaNew Erections / Anti, Inc.
Tofutopia / Blackmarket Activities
WormwoodThe Towering Outdoors
Starvation / 20 Buck Spin
XasthurMalignant ProphecyDefective Epitaph / Hydra Head
Robert WyattAt Last I Am FreeWanna Buy a Bridge? / Rough Trade
Giraffe7/18/07 Approximately 8:30 Pm
Hear Here / The Land Of

The Spam AvengerIq Test For Spam Scammers
Do Know Evil / One Man's Media
Hisato HiguchiGrow
Butterfly Horse Street / Family Vineyard
ErocDie Kunder Ziehen Fort
Eroc 4 / Spv Gmbh