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Mon Oct 29, 2007 noon - 1pm 
Guided By VoicesA Salty SaluteAlien Lanes / Matador Records
Interiors / Secretly Canadian Records
marmosetSHATTER THE LOVELYtoday it's you / secretly canadian
Simon JoynerYellow Precious LetterChristine / Secretly Canadian Records
Simon JoynerNew Year's SongSongs for the New Year / Sing, Eunuchs!
Swearing at MotoristsNice Guy's Last FinishFear of Low Flying Clouds, the / Spare Me Records
Swearing at MotoristsLosing Mine
This Flag Signals Goodbye / Secretly Canadian Records
Swearing At MotoristsNot Tonight
Last Night Becomes This Morning / Secretly Canadian Records
Songs: OhiaThe Rules of AbscenceImpala / Happy Go Lucky
Songs: OhiaDarling...Hecla & Gripper / Secretly Canadian Records
The Good LifeSome Tragedy
Help Wanted Nights / Saddle Creek
Maria TaylorSmile And WaveLynn Teeter Flower / Saddle Creek
The WeakerthansCivil Twilight
Reunion Tour / Epitaph Records
The Fucking ChampsThe Loge
Vi / Drag City