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Thu Oct 04, 2007 9pm - 11pm 
PhonopsychographdiskHolidisk InnAncient Termites / Bomb Hip-Hop Records
Dj FraneHydroponic Jungle ThowdownElectric Garden of Delights / City Massive
Mix Master Mikethe joustbangzilla / Immortal Records (Hiphop)
CopperpotCome Back Home Feat. Krs-One
Wyla? / Ev Productions
Spider MiteThree GuessesElectric Kingdom V.2 / Slimstyle Records
Dj Drez & Marty WilliamsI Look Fly
Complete Moon Bay Sessions, The / Say It Loud
Rebel CrewLove SunElectric Manor / Sunburn Records
Julie LondonCome On-A My House/Hot ToddyElectro Lounge Cd Ep / Capitol Records Inc.
Code MdHigherDub House Disco & Dub Hd 2000 / Guerilla Records
Crack We Are RockHooker LegSilent Fantasy / Tigerbeat 6
Jedi KnightsNoddy HolderColdcut - Journeys By / Journeys By Dj
PluramonSythDeutscher Funk / Caipirinha Music
Wylie TrassThe Feeling
Bay Area Funk / Luv 'n' Haight Records
AqueductHeart Design
I Sold Gold / Barsuk Records
Single Cell OrchestraUnleashing the Horrors Of...From Here to Tranq. 2 / Silent Records
Madlibthe comeupBeat Konducta Vol 1-2 / Stones Throw
Durango 955:55Djmixed.Com/Keoki / Moonshine Music
Dj Soul SlingerWe D' NationDj Soul Slinger Upload / Liquid Sky Music
Serge GainsbourgRequiem Pour Un CDocument 2: Andy Smith / Illicit Recordings
Michael Franti & SpearheadSkin On The Drum
Caravan Of Light / Lua Productions, Ltd.
Mount SimsBlack Sunglasses
Electro Nouveau / Moonshine Music
Banco De GaiaSmoke Gets in Your EyesElectro Lounge Vol. 2 / The Right Stuff
Carl CraigDj-KicksDj-Kicks - The Exclusives / !K7 Records
AkufenLittle Hop of HorrorElectric Ladyland Clic / Mille Plateaux