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Wed Sep 19, 2007 6pm - 7pm 
DisneyYodel SongSnow White And The Seven Dwarfs /
StilluppsteypaOwr Very Own Impossible NumrOne Side Mona Lisa / Fire.Inc/Some
Ashtray NavigationsPlastic Sky
Plaster Projection Instruction / Menlo Park Recordings
Masonna(*(*(*(Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou / Alchemy Records
Crashtesttaurus"Pigeon" - Soundtrack To The Movie
Name Is An Anagram, The / Imp Records
Lucien MonbuttouA Stat of BloodExtreme Music From Africa / Susan Lawly
VertonenTurntable Souffle #2
Stations / C.I.P and Snse
Soviet National Anthem
CitrusMy Room Is Burning
Citrus Plant for Little Kids / Vinyl Japan (Japan)
NecroanalCucking Funt
Fistfucking Ur Mom (I Like Pie) / Nqa
KitesStaring Into the Sun
Royal Pain with the Metallic / Load Records
Joe PapaScat Fuck PartyDry Lungs V / Subterranean
Angst Hase Pfeffer NaseAgar Agar Is My LoveBeatings with Gimpy Flighted / Menlo Park Recordings
?Power Of Asia? / ?
Xomeecophaz!TralphazEscaping The 984,849,503 Claws Of Space Chum
Battle Of Primordial Energy Manifesting In Matter / Resipiscent
Damno TeBetrayal Cuts Both WaysBetrayal Cuts Both Ways / Husk Recordings
AlbinoniAdagio For StringsKarajan, BPO / Deutsche Grammaphone
Agents At MidnightArse Cracked
Agents At Midnight / Quodlibet Recordings
Saroney, LeslieThree Cheers For Our Undertaker
Sakis PapadimitriouPrologue & 10 Piano OraclesPiano Oracles / Leo Records
Kk RampageBy Sword Or By Stinger
Josh Lay / None
48 CamerasDead Waters
The Late Severa WiresI'm Feeling Lightheaded
Three Minutes A Second / High Mayhem