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Thu Sep 20, 2007 8am - 10am 
Matmos3.Live / Vague Terrain
Steffen Basho-JunghansOne No. 1 - Part 2
Waters in Azure / Strange Attractors Audio
MatmosLast Delicious CigaretteWest, the / Deluxe
Naing NaingSarabande
Toothbrush Fever / Re-Aktion
Ellen BandCloset Bird90% Post Consumer Sound / Xi Records

Beyer, Johanna M.Music of the SpheresWomen in Electronic Mu / Cri/Composers Recordings
Daisuke Tobari1.
Till the End of the Dream / Forced Exposure
Sounds of the American Fast FoRound Table PizzaSounds of the American Fast Fo / Planet Pimp Records
Koji AsanoSuite No. 3Violin And Viola Suites No. 1 - No. 7 / Solstice
Koji AsanoRabbit Room Reservation Center Ii
Rabbit Room Reservation Center / Solstice
KptmichiganSolong S-20Player, Player / Aesthetics
Voice of EyeSuccumbInvisible Domains / Malignant Records

Wakiyaku no Comedian (Second BShriek
Bulb Singles #1 / Bulb Records
Merlin ColemanPretty Little Thing
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Cheryl E. LeonardMongol Falcon
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
RotwangsrobotCasio Flammeus
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Nihil CommunicationSleep Under A Wire
We Are Violent / Edgetone Records

Sounds of the International AiKimpo Int. Airport, SeoulSounds of the International Ai / Planet Pimp Records
TranquilSmoking BeagalTo Reach the Heavens, the Star / Colorful Clouds for Acous
Nai Htaw Paing EnsembleMa Ngo - Paya Ta Ngwe
Mon Music Of Burma / Fire Museum
FursaxaBells Of Capistrano
Alone In The Dark Wood / Atp Recordings
KawabataRevolved Jane
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records

Sonic YouthInvito Al CieloSyr 3 / Syr
Saint of KillersMay Sweet, Your Rot Die in
Saint of Killers / Edgetone Records
Sonic YouthOlive's Horn
Syr 5 / Syr
Matmos5.Live / Vague Terrain

Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Fari BradleyGathering
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Sonic YouthRadio-AmatorojSyr 3 / Syr