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Wed Sep 19, 2007 noon - 3pm 
.(Groups of asterisks denote tracks substantially overlapped). / .
Pat MethenyPart 1 *Zero Tolerance For Silence / Geffen Records
Parkinson, Northcote ProfessorSome Negative Aspects of the Administrative Process *Contemporary English L / Folkways Records

Derek BaileyLet's Hope We're All In The Right Place [excerpt]Lace / Emanem
Thomas DimuzioSallow **Headlock / Rer/Cuneiform
Jon RoseThe Orchestra of Ancient GU1 **Virtual Violin, the / Megaphone Records
Nathan HubbardSong Cycle 1
Compositions 1998-2005 / Circumvention Music

Evan ParkerLine 1 [excerpt]Lines Burnt in Light / Psi Records
Matt DavignonLying In Grass, Gazing Upwards At 11:30pm
Softwetfish / Edgetone Records
Bruckmann, KyleTrack 1Entymology / Barely Auditable
.-- (1:00 p.m.) --. / .
Doug CarrollCataclysmLive at Kzsu 1998 / Outer a Records

.(Soundbed: an Instructional Test Record from SoundCraftsman, c.1960). / .
Moe!/Moe!Kestra StaianoPiece No. 7 (Part 3)
An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein And Other Whereabouts / Rastascan Records
Haters,ThePredetermined By Accident 12Cultivating Calamaty / Vinyl Communications
Magnetic FieldsExperimental Music Love69 Love Songs Vol. 3 / Merge Records
Quin, DouglasCanada GlacierAntarctica / Miramar

Splatter TrioAce Dag Bee and CountingHi-Fi Junk Note / Rastascan Records
Gino RobairRe:Tuning A(N)Other Destinations / Rastascan Records
Uncle [Myles Boisen, John Shiurba]The Voodoo Runs Myles Down [excerpt]Unplugged / Limited Sedition
Molecules, TheBruce LeeFriends / Ra Sounds

Jean Derome(Tracks 9/2/16/11/3/1/6, overlapped, played from 2 copies of the CD)
Le Magasin De Tissu / Ambiances Magnetique
.-- (2:00 p.m.) --. / .
Miya MasaokaIllusion #34 ***Compositions-Improvisations / Asian Improv Records
Libera Societa Di ImprovvisaziSolotue Samosaisa ***
Al Malaiko Noskema / Leo Records
Tom DjllBrother, Can You Spare A Dime?
Bellerophone / Soul on Rice Productions

Arnal, Jeff/Dietrich EichmannSide A [excerpt]
Live In Hamburg / Broken Research
Yellow Swans[Untitled]
Zum Audio Volume 3 / Zum Media
A Radio with GutsElegy for Angelica JasmineSugat in Eleven Parts / Fort Hazel

Kowald, Peter/Damon SmithBroken Mirrors 1 ****Mirrors - Broken but No Dust / Balance Point Acoustics
Annea LockwoodWorld Rhythms **** / *****Women in Electronic Mu / Cri/Composers Recordings
Henry KuntzTenor Of The Times 2 *****
Wayang Saxophony Shadow Saxophone / Humming Bird Records
Charlotte HugWet
Neuland / Emanem
[Instructional Test Record]Test Tonesn/a / SoundCraftsman