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Sat Aug 11, 2007 3pm - 6pm 
Lee HazlewoodThe First Song Of The Day
Cake Or Death / Ever Records
Lee HazelwoodVem Kan SeglaCowboy in Sweden / Smells Like Records
Einsturzende NeubautenSandStrategies Against...2 / (Unknown)
Zr. 19 84A Sudden Death (rough mix)COLL: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense /

Mike VernuskyBlood
Blood Means / (No Label Information)
Patton OswaltSterling, Virginia
Werewolves And Lollipops / Sub Pop Records
Patton OswaltThe Gatekeepers Of Coolness
Werewolves And Lollipops / Sub Pop Records
Oren AmbarchiCymbal Motors
Sacte Motors / Western Vinyl
GodheadscopeRoom Of Light
A City Out Of Sight / God Is Myth

Arachnid ArcadeBat's Nest Electrode
Siphonopore Forest Organ / Organs
SPKMerkanoCOLL: Industrial Records / Industrial
MortiisGibber (Velvet Acid Christ Mix)
Some Kind Of Heroin - The Grudge Re-Mixes / Earache
Skinny PuppyUgliMythmaker / Spv Gmbh

PuissanceArtifical SunBack In Control / Cold Meat Industry
The EarachesJust Ain't Right
Time On Fire / Steel Cage Records
Satan PanonskiOdrezite Sise
Nuklearne Olimpijake Igre / Slusaj Najglasnije!
The Traditional FoolsI Got A BabyTraditional Fools, The / Chocolate Covered Records
VeneriasMonarki (1978)COLL: Killed By Death #51: Rare Swedish Punk 1978-83 / Punk Lennart

Bad BrainsGive Thanks And PraisesBuild A Nation / Megaforce Records
Signal LostTherapy
Prosthetic Screams / Prank
Chelsea45 Rpm
Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking / Tko Records
The Sore ThumbsHeartbreaks & Razorblades
Sore Thumbs, The / Noma Beach Records

L.A. KaosLife Goes On1983 demo / None
L.A. KaosRunnin'1983 demo / none
HiraxBarrage of Noise
Barrage of Noise / Deep Six Records
Napalm DeathWhat Man Can DoHatred Surge (December 1985 demo) / none
Napalm DeathInstinct of SurivivalHatred Surge (December 1985 demo) / none
Napalm DeathPrivate DeathFrom Enslavement to Obliterati / Earache
Omniscient, The / Inside Out Music

DekapitatorDeathstrike Command
Storm Before The Calm, The / Relapse Records
SodomWitching MetalOne Night in Bangkok / Steamhammer

BathorySacrfificeJubelium Volume 1 / Black Mark
WindirOn The Mountain of GoatsValfar, Ein Windir / Tabu
MardukVanity Of Vanities
Rom 5:12 / Regain Records
WolfpackRiot BobAllday Hell / Crimes Against Humanity
Fader WarRelgiøs TerrorCOLL: KIlled By Hardcore #Two / Redrum
VirulenceSpilling It OutIf This Isn't A Dream... / Alchemy

Mirrored / Warp Records
YesHeart Of The SunriseFragile / Atlantic Records (Modern)