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Fri Jun 22, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Light and Magic / Emperor Norton
Crack We Are RockMy Dad's Boyfriendssplit with Wolf Eyes / none
QuintronWitch In the ClubSwamp Tech / Tigerbeat 6
KraftwerkNumbers/ComputerworldComputer World / Warners
Frank PahlScarred Mangled Spanner
Songs Of War And Peace / Acidsoxx Musicks
B.A.L.L. PeriodMy Tv Is BrokeBird / Shimmy Disc
Fish KarmaFifty Caliber ChristTheory Of Intelligent Design, The / Alternative Tentacles Records
King MissileAmerica Kicks Ass
Royal Lunch / Important Records
Children In Gas MasksMechanical Cervical Machinery
Necroanal E Children In Gas Masks / Smell The Stench
Greg PalastPetro-DollarsLive From The Armed Madhouse / Ak Press
Fripp/EnoNo PussyfootingNo Pussyfooting / Island
David CrossFlying on a Mexican Plane
Shut Up..(Censored for Radio a / Sub Pop Records
Fred LaneRubber RoomFrom The One That Cut You / Shimmy Disc
Neil HamburgerFreebasingRaw Hamburger / Drag City
MachinaKrv I Med
Sad Ili Nikad / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Monty PythonOscar WildeMatching Tie And Hankerchief / Arista Records Llc
FlipperSex BombGeneric / Def American (Alternative
MonotractThere Are Hard Days I Cant Forget
Xprmntl Lvrs / Ecstatic Peace
Kk RampageDecay
Without Feelings / Rampage Recordings
Pretty ThighTesicaligraphy
Hiv Tarnations / Rampage Records
WizieUm Yeah Stop Wait Go
Give Us All Your Honey / None
Ho-AgTank War Europa
Word From Pluto, The / Hello Sir Records
Les Hate PinkTete Malade / Sick In The HeadTete Malade / Sick In The Head / Tko Records
GoriborBass Cunami
Stondom Do Tokija / Slusaj Najglasnije!
BorisJust Abondoned My-Self
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
Burning Star CoreThe Universe Is Designed To Break Your Mind
Blood Lighting / No Fun Productions
North Without EndI
1940, 1944 Lp / Forty-Seven Records
TarantismEchoes Of The Underbrush
Stuck To The Bottom / Resipiscent
The TriffidsTarrilup Bridge
Born Sandy Devotional / Domino Recording Company
GrindermanElectric AliceGrinderman / Anti, Inc.
Joy DivisionNew Dawn FadesStill / Factory
Battle Of Primordial Energy Manifesting In Matter / Resipiscent
Kinkzoid1001 Voices
Book Of Pages, The / Mook Records
Sonya CottonChurchbellsOut Of The Ocean / Self Release
SchlongRainy Days and MondaysSquattin' on the Pot / Very Small Records
Eddie The RatOnce Around The Butterfly BushOnce Around The Butterfly Bush / Edgetone Records