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Tue Jun 19, 2007 9am - noon 
stratovariusmilleniuminfinite / nuclear blast
iced earththe reckoningthe glorious berden / hunter records
helloweenmr torturethe dark ride / nuclear blast
MelvinsHeater Moves And EyesYor Choice Live Series / Efa Distribution
TroubleBastards Will PayPsalm 9 / Escapi Music
The County Medical ExaminersEpeditious Evisceratory Mishap
Olidous Operettas / Relapse Records
Dhg (Dodheimsgard)Dushman
Dhg (Dodheimsgard) / The End Records
manowarwheels of firekings of metal / atlantic
judas priestbullet trainjugulator / bmg
dioi speed at nightthe last in line / wb records
megadethtrain of consequencesyouthanasia / capitol
exoduslowriderfabulous disaster / combat
riotheavy metal machineborn in america / grand slamm
demons and wizardsterror traintouched by thge crimson king / steam hammer
skid rowslave to the grindslave to the grind / Atlantic

triviumlike light to fliesascendancy / roadrunner
inflamestake this lifecome clarety / ferret music
calibanits our burden to bleedthe undying darkness / abbacus
chamairaresurrectionresurrection / ferret music
it dies todaysacred heartsacre coer / trustkill
god forbidthe end of the worldconstitution of treason / century media
blind guardiananother holy warimaginations from the other side / century media
MudhoneyA Brief Celebration Of Independence
Under A Billion Suns / Sub Pop Records
MiddianThe Celbrant
Age Eternal / Metal Blade
NaglfarBreathe Through Me
Harvest / Century Media
Les Hate PinkTete Malade / Sick In The HeadTete Malade / Sick In The Head / Tko Records
saxonconquisadormetalhead / steam hammer
griphostage to heavenpower of inner strength / metal blade records
motley cruehome sweet hometheatre of pain / hip-o records
iron maidendrifterkillers / Capitol
metaliumsteel avengersstate of triumph / pavement records
GrindermanMan In The MoonGrinderman / Anti, Inc.
[Car_Bomb]Cielo Drive
Centralia / Relapse Records
kilswitch engagemy last seranadethe end of heart ache / roadrunner
Stolen BabiesSwint? Or Slude?
There By Squabbles Ahead / No Comment
Helical RecordsNitrogen NarcosisFat Fingers / Self Release
rhapsodyholy thunderforcedawn of victory / limb-music
gallo glassthe questlegends from now and nevermore / limb-music
Amon AmarthThe Fate of Norns
Fate of Norns / Metalblade Records
jag panzervigilantcasting the stones / century media