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Tue Jun 05, 2007 2pm - 5pm 
ManowarHouse of DeathWarriors of the World / Metal Blade
iron maidenthe duellistspower slaves / Capitol
OverkillNice Day for a FuneralHorrorscope / (Unknown)
helloweencloser to homemaster of the rings / castle
saxonconquistadormetal head / steam hammer
TugnutCaine For Council
Ode To Pete / Elliot Street Records
AbortedA Methodical Overture
Slaughtered & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture / Century Media
Voices Of Omens / Relapse Records
PsyopusWhore Meet Liar
Our Puzzling Encounters Considered / Metal Blade
blind gaurdiananother holy warimaginations from the other side / century media
gamma rayfightmajestic / mayan records
TriviumIf I Could Collapse the Mass
Ember to Inferno / Lifeforce
TestamentJohn DoeDemonic / Fierce Recordings
MudhoneyI Saw The Light
Under A Billion Suns / Sub Pop Records
GoriborKo Sam
Stondom Do Tokija / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Black HelicopterHead Of SteamInvisible Jet / Ecstatic Peace
Kk RampageHere Comes The Reckoning
Without Feelings / Rampage Recordings
avantasiathe final sacrificethe heavy metal opera part 2 / century media
stratovariusim still aliveelements part 2 / nuclear blast
AnthraxRandom Acts of Senseless VieStomp 442 / Elektra Records (Local)
black majestysilent companysilent company / limb music
jag panzerthe missioncasting the stones / century media
mercyful fateevilmelissa / roadracer
TerrorAlways The Hard WayAlways The Hard Way / Trustkill
skid rowslave to the grindslave to the grind / atlantic
Agent SteelHuman Bullet
Order of the Illuminati / Artillery Music
Krum BurnsLast BreathAs The Tide Turns / Tko Records
The Atomic Bomb AuditionEntoptic Phenomena
Eleven Threatres / Hector Stentor
Sad Boy SinisterS.B.S.
Life And Death / Bomb Blast
MortiisDecadent DesperateGrudge, The / Earache
killersremember tomorrowmurder one / bmg music
iron maidencomunication break downbring your daughter to the slaughter / EMI
flotsam and jetsamare you willingcuatro / mca
edguylavatory love machinehellfire club / nuclear blast
manowarblack wind fire and steelfighting the world / atco
olympos monsthrough the ice and snowconquistador / limb music