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Thu May 24, 2007 6pm - 8pm 
Xenakis, IannisAisIannis Xenakis / Neuma
CombatwoundedveteranMy Spine! My Spine! My SpineI Know a Girl Who Develops Cri / No Idea
Discordance AxisWallsOriginal Sound Version 1992-95 / Devour Records
AgathoclesProvoked BehaviourMan Is the Bastard/Aga / Theologian Records
Excrutiating TerrorAddictionFiesta Comes Alive! / Slap a Ham
CromLife/DeathCocaine Wars 1974-1989, the / Pessimiser Records
Higgs, Daniel (A.I.U)Living In The Kingdom Of Death
Interdimensional Song-Seamstress / Holy Mountain
Flame RetardedBoarkkkillerCry Now, Cry Later 3 / Theologian Records
Doctor BobReform Crossing
Dark Times / Edgetone Records
NaAward Winning Strategic Designer
Na Is Nice / Pax Recordings
Charles Bronson4 Alarm Counter FuckCry Now, Cry Later 4 / Theologian Records
SpazzGertieSweatin' to the Oldies / Slap a Ham
Leng Tch'eTainted Righteousness
Marasmus / Relapse Records
Centralia / Relapse Records
Our Puzzling Encounters Considered / Metal Blade
ThegalvinwilhelmmillerquartetIdiot SavantThegalvinwilhelmmillerquartet / Impatience or Indifferenc
Kk RampageInhaling The Stench Of Rotten Flesh
A Toast In Angel's Blood / Rampage Records
Burning Star CoreThe Universe Is Designed To Break Your Heart
Blood Lighting / No Fun Productions
Venetian SnaresMasodik Galamb
Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett / Planet Mu Records Ltd.
Higgs, Daniel (A.I.U)Moharsing And Schoenhut
Interdimensional Song-Seamstress / Holy Mountain
Baaba Maal & Mansour SeckBibbe Leydy
Rough Guide To African Blues / World Music Network
Ferneyhough, BrianTerrainBrian Ferneyhough / Montaigne
MastodonCapillarian Crest
Blood Mountain / Relapse Records
MiddianThe Celbrant
Age Eternal / Metal Blade
EyehategodServing Time in the Middle O13/ Eyehategod / Ax/Ction
March Of The Parasite / Unruly Sounds
Fabio Orsi And Gianluca BecuzziThe History Knocks My Bedroom Door
Stones Know Everything, The / Digitalis Industries