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Fri Oct 11, 2002 midnight - 3am 
5F_5545F_55 / unknown
5F_5555F_55 / unknown
Somatic ResponsesMonitorDying Language / unknown
Gridlock & Sounds of the Space Age (From Sputnik to Lunar Landing)O2O2 (EP) / Sounds of the Space Age / Hymen Records / National Geographic
Gridlock4Further / Hymen Records
GridlockEngram.EPEngram.EP / Hymen Records
DoofHome of the StrangeIt's About Time / Twisted Records
GridlockEngram EPEngram EP / Hymen Records
SemsisBig BallsLetting Go / Atomic Records
Shakta / DigitalisDigitalis - Too CloseOut of Sight / Dragonfly Records
Somatic ResponsesDying LanguageDying Language / unknown
GridlockBurn (Mantra)The Synthetic Form / Hymen Records
PanaceaDeath Is NearTwisted Designz / The Music Cartel
IckooSouthern CrossAll this Noise Shit Is Making / Briokids
Forma TadreAutomateAutomate / Metropolis Records
In Strict ConfidenceDer Vampir Und Dessen VerwagMistrust the Angels / Maschinenraum/Minuswelt
Pulse LegionOut From in MeOne Thing / Metropolis Records
DivePower of PassionBody Frequencies / Minus Habens Records
AndraculoidLife:Recycled (remixed by Abduction Cabinet)Observations in Human Error / Optikon / DSBP
Pulse LegionThe FearEvolve / Cop International
Ah Cama-SotzNone of this is TrueTerra Infernalis / Hands
Skinny PuppyReclamationBrap / Nettwerk Productions
WumpscutTorn SkinBunker Gate Seven / Metropolis Records
Leather StripTortureDouble or Nothing / Cleopatra Records
Leather StripComing Up for AirYes- I'm Limited VOL.3 / Metropolis Records
Dissecting TableBehind the Ethereal ThornsHuman Breding / Relapse Records
HocicoSpit As An OffenseSanqte Hitviente / Interbeat Records
In Strict ConfidenceLes MiroirsMistrust the Angels / Maschinenraum/Minuswelt
Storey, Robin & Nubla, VictorHalf a Breath AwayAbout Breathing / Caciocavallo
Bastard Noise/ the Slasher FilLaboratory RaidSplit Cd / Kill Frank Lentini
Axion Neuron, VagwaThorn Message UCollapse / <blank>
Storey, Robin & Nubla, VictorExhalation of StarsAbout Breathing / Caciocavallo
Dagda MorThe Plains of HeavenThe Border of Light / Functional
Brighter Death NowMortariumGreatest Death / Relapse
Aural BlasphemyNucleusCatharsis / Possessive Blindfold
Gridlock & Sounds of the Space AgeO2O2 / Sounds of the Space Age / Hymen Records / National Geographic