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Sat Apr 21, 2007 7pm - 9pm 
Current 93This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich
Black Ships Ate The Sky / Jnana Records
Death In JuneLove MurderWorld That Summer, The / Soleilmoon Recordings
AgallochA Desolation Song...And theMantle, the / The End Records
Black Happy DayOf The Wind And Loneliness
In The Garden Of Ghost Flowers / Silber Records
Blood AxisEternal SoulBlot: Sacrifice In Sweden / Cold Meat Industry
Beyond DawnCertain QualitiesElectric Sulking Machine / Peaceville
IsengardStorm of EvilVinterskugge / Peaceville
To Live And Shave In L.A.Early 1880s
Noon And Eternity / Menlo Park Recordings
Stars Of The LidArticulate Silences Part 2
And Their Refinement Of The Decline / Kranky
UlverPQ Entry NOFVJ0224040Lycantropen Themes / Jester
SixesWroughten Wretch
Cursed Beast / Troniks
FlipperLife Is CheapGeneric / Def American (Alternative
MelvinsAt A CrawlYor Choice Live Series / Efa Distribution
TroublePsalm 9Psalm 9 / Escapi Music
For The WorseOi! The Joke
Chaos Continues, The / Bridge Nine
The ObsessorsGet On, Get In, Get Out
Double Scoop / Braindart Records
Wolfpack10 & OutAllday Hell / Distortion
Behind Enemy LinesGutter Religion
One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God / Profane Existence
At Twilight / Shock Value
MelecheshTouching The Sphere Of Sephiroth
Emissaries / Osmose Productions
God DethronedFalling Down
Toxic Touch, The / Metal Blade
Slaughtered & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture / Century Media
The Berzerker"Y"
World Of Lies / Earache
UrgehalGathered Under The Horns
Goatcraft Torment / Southern Lord Recordings