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Sat Mar 10, 2007 7pm - 9pm 
Fe-MailThey Look As Innocent As Newborn Lambs. The Sick Fucks.
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Heather PerkinsWhat You Think Will HappenCassette Mythos Audio Alch, th / (Unknown)
Nels ClineCompulsion
New Monastery / Cryptogramophone
The Miyumi ProjectEpisode Three
Re:Rooted / Southport Records
Romica Puceanu & The Gore BrothersVintule, Bataia Ta
Sounds From A Bygone Age, Vol. 2 / Asphalt Tango Records
Mamadou DiabateYaribassa
Heritage / World Village
Sala, OskarCanon Caprice (ii)Subharmonische Mixturen / Erdenklang
Hindemith, Paul (Gould, Glenn / Gilbert Johnson)Sonata for Trumpet and PianoThe Glenn Gould Edition - Hindemith: Sonatas for Brass and Piano / Sony Classical
Gary NolandMessitative
24 Postludes For Piano, Vol. 2 / North Pacific Music
Meredith MonkWalking SongVolcano Songs / Ecm Records
Mark ApplebaumThe Blue Cloak
Asylum / Innova Recordings
Grilly BiggsTwenty-One Part 1
New Orleans / Katrina = Santa Fe + Chicago / High Mayhem
Sailor WintersAshe
Red At Morn / Stickfigure
Blango13 O'clock @Olfactory Factory
Organ Vibrator-A-Thon / None
Arrington De DionysoXibalba
Breath Of Fire / K Records
Helena EspvallCertainty Of The Neverseen
Nimis & Arx / Pax Recordings
Tammen/Harth/Dahlgren/RosenSetting Out With Aggressive Intent
Expedition / Esp-Disk
DeerhoofThe Perfect MeFriend Opportunity / Kill Rock Stars
DysrhythmiaAn Ally To Comprehension
Barriers And Passages / Relapse Records
Black ElkToss You To The Wolves
Black Elk / Crucial Blast
DaughtersThe Fuck Whisperer
Hell Songs / Hydra Head
Jet Jaguar Kr3 Kill Spree16
Drum Machine Gun / Relapse Records
Insect WarfareFreebase Diarrhea
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore
VoetsekFuck R Unity
A Match Made In Hell / Six Weeks
Burial YearDestroy
Pestilence / Alone
The Berzerker"Y"
World Of Lies / Earache
Misery IndexBreathing Pestilence
Discordia / Relapse Records
CynessBush - Krieger
Loony Planet/Industreality / Sound Pollution/Mcr
NasumOld and Tired?Human / Relapse Records
GhoulMutant Mutilator
Splatterthrash / Razorback Records
LudicraIn Fever
Fex Urbis Lex Orbis / Alternative Tentacles Records