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Sat Mar 03, 2007 7pm - 9pm 
Del RayLamplighterA Pyramid For The Living / My Pal God Records
Explosions in the SkyPoor Man's Memory
Those Who Tell the Truth Shall / Temporary Residence
Silver / Hydra Head
SwervedriverSon of Mustang FordSon of Mustang Ford / A&M Records (Alternative)
The MuttsDog On Dog
I Us We You / Fatcat Records
Lubricated GoatStrokePsychedelicatessen / Amphetamine Reptile
New York DollsWe're All In LoveOne Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This / Roadrunner Records
Les BreastfeedersPas Sans Saveur
Les Matins De Grands Soirs / Blow the Fuse
JuciferFour Suns
If Thine Enemy Hunger / Relapse Records
Giant SquidNeonate
Metridium Fields / The End Records
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
GhoulMutant Mutilator
Splatterthrash / Razorback Records
SacrofagoSex Drinks & MetalRotting / Kraze
Insect WarfareBehind Bars (Razor)
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore
TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfall / Earache
FrustrationYour Body
Full Of Sorrow / Born Bad Records
Savage Aural HotbedCarnivore
Unified Pounding Theory, The / Innova Recordings
VertonenHands Up, 1974!
Stations / C.I.P and Snse
NecroanalStan Likes Fucking Hypocritical Christians In The Ass (Is That An Ambiguous Stat
Fistfucking Ur Mom (I Like Pie) / Nqa
A Sideways Glance From An Electric EyeAnnie Gosfield
Art Of The Virtual Rhythmicon, The / Innova Recordings
MystifiedDragging Time
Reduced / Self
Pauline OliverosNo MoNo Mo / Pogus Productions
ShungaOuter Space According To Japan
Rampage Comp 1 / Rampage Music, Llc.
5/5/2000Suspended Absolution
Reflektioinen Musique / Post Replica