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Fri Jun 15, 2001 3pm - 6pm 
Graham ConnahThe Band Is Over but the T-Shirt Lives OnBecause of Wayne/The Only Song / Evander Music
Noisy MinorityWhat If You LoseFirst Silence / Unit Records
Maneri, Joe TrioNew TouchTrio Concerts, the / Leo Records
Mat ManeriIron ManTrinity / Ecm Records
Lantner/Maneri/MorrisDig inVoices Lowered / Leo Records
Dunmall, Paul OctetPart TwoGreat Divide, the / Cuneiform Records
Blue Gene TyrannyDecertified Highway of DreamGo , Blue / Oo Discs
Eubanks, Robin/Mental ImagesMetamorphosisGet 2 It / Robin Eubanks Music
Brass MonkeyBlue LightLive in Time and Space / Weed Records
Arco Flute FoundationStraight Up VoltronSecond Lesson in New Era T, th / Cenotaph
Cuong VuI Shall Never Come BackPure / Knitting Factory, the
Cecil TaylorAzureJazz Advance / Blue Note
Dan PlonseyThe Superhero of ShirtsDaniel Popsicle Plays / Dan Plonsey
Paul/Parker/Phillips BleyVariation 6Sankt Gerold Variations / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Flavio MinardoMolto FolkAray / Altri Suoni
RovaSwangFrom the Bureau of Both / Black Saint
Spring Heel Jack & Blue SeriesChiaroscuro [w/Guillermo Brown and Daniel Carter]Masses / Thirsty Ear Communication
W.O.O. RevelatorMore One Way than the OtherTheory of Reversed Effort, the / Evolving Ear
Real Time / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Han Bennik & Terre ExKluftLaughing Owl, the / Terp Records
John ButcherLibericaFixations / Emanem
John ButcherA Thing or TwoLondon and Cologne / Rastascan Records
Kali FasteauSienna (This Moment)Vivid / Flying Note
Romus, Rent/Lords of OutlandHoly SpiritAvatar in the Field / Edgetone Records
Albin BrunStranzenlochPilatus / Altri Suoni
William ParkerPurpleO'neal's Porch / Centering Records