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Fri Dec 29, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Randy GreifSerpentAlice in Wonderland Pt. 2 / Staalplaat
Marclay, Christian/Muller, GunPfiffLive Improvisations / For 4 Ears Records
Kittinfish Mountain"Steve"
Everything All At Once All The Time / Self Release
Sounds of North American Frogs92 TracksBiological Significance Of, th / Smithsonian/Folkways
Iannis XenakisKraanergKraanerg / Asphodel
Maja Ratkje & Japp Blonkarnhem 1Majaap / Kontrans
Stockhausen, KarlheinzGott nochmal/GrogoragallyStimmung / hyperion
Ligeti, GyorgyNonsense Madrigals: 6. A Long, Sad TaleGyorgy Ligeti Edition 4: Vocal Works / Sony Classical
Taylor, Cecil4Chinampas / Leo Records
Wolff, ChristianLook She Said, Mvt. 4Look She Said / Mode
ChirgilchinKhoomeige Yoreel
Collectible / Pure Nature Music
Balkan Beat Box vs. Mahala Rai BandaRed Bula
Electric Gypsyland 2 / Crammed Discs
Taiga / Thrill Jockey Records
Die Princess DieChecker BoardLions Eat Lions / Gold Standard Laboratorie
Mika MikoCapricorinations
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. / Kill Rock Stars
...WormsWhere Is My Car
...Worms, A 7-Inch / Marriage Records
Kk RampageIf Your Eye Sockets Were Any Bigger It Wouldnt Even Feel Good When I Fucked Them
Josh Lay / None
Retching RedStop Bleeding
Scarlet Whore Of War / Rodent Popsicle Records
100 SunsReconcillation With A Dull Blade
Deception, Calculate What You Can't See / None
KylesaWhat Becomes An End
Time Will Fuse It's Worth / Prosthetic Records
Amon AmarthRunes To My Memory
With Oden On Our Side / Metal Blade
SuperbadSay It Loud
1st Ep / None
Watch Me BurnShort Attention Span
Yaminabe Holocaust / None
Behold...The ArctopusExospacial Psionic Aura
Nano-Nucleaonic Cyborg Summoning / Vothoc
Lacy, Steve QuintetThe Crust
Esteem / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
The Seven ArtsNo Food For Dinner
Grovel Choke Stew / Fargone Records
16-17Kat16-17 / Hardkore & Buffbunker / When All Else Fails... / Savage Land Records
Golia, Vinny QuartetNbt
Sfumato / Clean Feed
Moe!/Moe!Kestra StaianoPiece No. 5 (Part 3)
An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein And Other Whereabouts / Rastascan Records
Stephan CrumpAtanarjuat
Rosetta / Papillon Sounds
ToychestraSittin' Pretty
Sassy Pony / Sk
Fe-MailJacob's Toy
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
James Plotkin & Tim Wyskida/
8 Improvisations / Archive
Agents At MidnightDamaged Symphony For Karl Stockhausen
Agents At Midnight / Quodlibet Recordings
Judy DunawayThe Rubber Forest
Mother of Balloon Music / Innova Recordings
Zeena Parkins16 Feet + Cello
Necklace / Tzadik Records
Matt RogalskyKash (Radios)
Memory Like Water / Xi Records
George CrumbCelestial Mechanics: 1. Alpha CentauriComplete Crumb Edition, Vol. 5 / Bridge Records
CsókolomManeaua Lui Kemal
Dog Daze / Arhoolie
Mostar Sevdah Reunion And Ljiljana ButtlerVerka Kaludjerka
Legends Of Life, The / Trade Root Music, Llc
The Grassy Knoll BoysBuckeyed RabbitBuckeyed Rabbit / Self Release
Teddy & DarrelThese Boots
From The Closet To The Charts: Queer Noises 1961-1978 / Trikont
James BrownGive It Up or Turnit LooseBest of Volume 2, the / Polydor