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Wed Nov 08, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
People Like UsMusic of Your OwnThermos Explorer / Hot Air
People Like UsT424PLU Part 2Lassie House/Jumble Massive / Caciocavallo
Pete SeegerHallelujah, I'm A BumAmerican Favorite Ballads 4 / Smithsonian/Folkways
Noam ChomskySelling the Capitalist StoryChomsky/Chumbawamba / Allied Records
M. KourieHors Le La Loi (For Tim Kecker)
Dreams Of M. Kourie, The / Chrome Peeler
From Monument to MassesSharpshooter
Impossible Leap in 100 Si, the / Dim Mak

Sun City GirlsLester's Dictionary
Static From The Outside Set / Carnival Folklore Resurrection
Daniel JohnstonLennon Song
Welcome To My World / Eternal Yip Eye Music
Alvarius BMesarchuleta
S/T Cd / Abduction Records
SkullflowerVoid Of Roses
Tribulation / Crucial Blast
DualShadow Of Death
Pyroclastics / Quodlibet Recordings

Soft MachineHope For Happiness
Middle Earth Masters / Cuneiform Records
S/T / Load Records
Zack Hill And Mick BarrRelics Of Religiousless
Shred Earthship / 5RC

Giant HaystacksQuestion Time
Blunt Instrument / Mistake Records
Born/DeadNo Options
Endless War....Repetition / Prank
Look Back And LaughCrusade
Look Back And Laugh / Lengua Armada
R.A.M.B.OJesus' Middle Initial Does NWall of Death the System / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Modern Life Is WarSelf Preservation
My Love. My Way / Deathwish, Inc.

Knuckle ScraperSide AA.K.A Max Isn't the Bastard / 625Thrash
MihoenEent Je Voor De PausV/A Euro Thrash Retribution / 625 Thrash
DodsdomdSlothSeven Deadly Sins / Havoc

CynessHappy SlaveOur Funeral Oration for the Human Race / Sound Pollution
Fuck The FactsLa Derniere
Stigmata High-Five / Relapse Records
AnataDownward Spiral Into Madness
Conductor's Departure, The / Earache
Glass CasketChew Your FingersWe Are Gathered Here Today... / Abacus

Electro QuarterstaffThe Right to Arm BearsGretzky / Willowtip
Landmine MarathonMuscles CrownWounded / Level-Plane
Graf Orlocktrack #16Destination Time Yesterday / Level-Plane
Void / Goodfellow Records
LudicraIn Fever
Fex Urbis Lex Orbis / Alternative Tentacles

JesuFriends are EvilJesu / HydraHead
Nurse With WoundDie, Flip Or Go To India
X-Rated: The Dark Files / Steamin' Soundworks
SoleLocust Farm
Live From Rome / Anticon
CassetteboySandra Bullock's In Tent
Dead Horse / Barry's Bootlegs
FilastineJudas Goat (Terrorismo Mix)V/A States of Abuse / Entartete Kunst
MadvillainMonkey SuiteChrome Children / Stones Throw

Common MarketTrinityCommon Market / Mass Line Media
Third SightHasenpfefferSymbionese Liberation Album / Disgruntled
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records

Z TripRockstarReturn of the D.J 2 / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords
PumpkinheadRock OnOrange Moon Over Brooklyn / Soulspazm