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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9am - noon 
the Black KeysJust Couldn't Tie Me Down
Rubber Factory / Fat Possum Records
Blonde RedheadIn ParticularMelody of Certain Damaged Lem / Touch and Go
the Ditty BopsUnfortunate FewDitty Bops, the / Warner Brothers (Modern)
the BreedersOff YouTitle Tk / 4AD
Blonde RedheadLoved Despite of Great FaultMelody of Certain Damaged Lem / Touch and Go
Analog CabinSquaredAnalog Cabin / Slabco
OchreInfotain Me
Lemodie / Benbecula Records
Blue BoxSnow Crash2 / Self Release
Aphex TwinUntitled [SAW2 CD1 Track1] (Four Tet Remix)Four Tet Remixes / Domino Recording Company
Near The ParenthesisThe Evasion Of LikeGo Out And See / Music Made By People
Adventure TimeKappabashiDreams of Water Themes / Plug Research
OtakuLife in PlasticBitwise Operators / Malvado
Adventure TimeEel Sand WitchDreams of Water Themes / Plug Research
OtakuDub Bass TwoBitwise Operators / Malvado
DoshSimple ExercisesPure Trash / Anticon
MadlibWere Do I Go
Free Design, The / Light In The Attic Records
Analog CabinLast Train to the SunAnalog Cabin / Slabco
Blonde RedheadSwing PoolBlonde Redhead / Smells Like Records
the Black KeysHave Fun Will Travel
Moan, the / Alive Records
Anchors For ArchitectsIn The Nineties
Dirty Settlements / Self
Agent SparksMr. Insecurity
Red Rover / Immortal Records
Cat PowerLived In BarsGreatest, The / Matador Records
RJD2Someone's Second KissSince We Last Spoke / Def Jux
Mix Master Mikemagnetbangzilla / Immortal Records (Hiphop)
Adelaide / <No Label Info>
Hooker, John LeeBlack Man Blues
Hooker,,,Disc 1 / Shout Factory
OrbitalEasy Serv
Blue Album / Ato Records
Banco De GaiaLast Train to Lhasa10 Years / Six Degrees Records
Banco De GaiaChingizFarewell Ferengistan / Six Degrees Records
Yasushi Miura4
Medical / Kp
Boards of CanadaBassfree
Twoism / Warp Records
Boards Of CanadaSkyliner
Trans Canada Highway Ep / Warp Records
ClarkFrau WavBody Riddle / Warp Records
Alarm Will SoundFingerbibAcoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin / Cantaloupe Music
Dorfmeister, Richard Vs Madrid De Los AustriasOn The Moon MaybeGrand Slam / G-Stone Recordings
BloodysnowmanKnife Fight In A Sinking Submarine
Bloodysnowman / Mathlab Records