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Sat Oct 21, 2006 9pm - midnight 
Flotsam And Jetsamstraight to helldreams of death / crash music
Acts Of InsanityAct Iii Violence BreedsSpeed Kill Hate / Escapi Music
CataractOn This Graveyard
Kingdom / Metalblade Records
MinistrySensor Peligro
Rio Grande Blood / 13th Planet Records
Cattle DecapitationUnintelligent Design
Karma Bloody Karma / Metal Blade
Potential ThreatWalk Through FireEP2.0 / Unsighned
HalloweenHelloweenKeeper Of The Seven Keys / Noise International
LowdownThe World Has EndedAntidote / Black Balloon Records
MnemicghostMechanical Spin phenomena / Nuclear blast
Grace PointAnimalunsigned / unsighned
Symphony XInfernoOdyssey / Insideout Music
ChaosInvisible GodNo Album / Unsigned
Scars of TomorrowTo Watch You BurnRope Tied To The Trigger / Victory Records
Christ Illusion / American (Metal)
ZaoCancer Eater
Fear Is What Keeps Us Here, The / Ferret Music
Birds Of PreyThe Old Lady Rots (But The Checks Keep Coming)
Weight Of The Wound / Relapse Records
Iron MaidenThe Evil That Men DoEssential Iron Maiden, The / Sanctuary Records
Count Dante And The Black Dragon Fighting SocietyRedwood City, Rock Redux
Fat Power / Hofbrau Dojo Records
Zero HourEvidence Of The UnseenSpecs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond / Sensory Records
Angel FireGrammaton ClericA Black Forever / Rock Chicago Records
WrithenLimitStop At Nothing / Unsigned
Lamb Of GodFoot to the ThroatSacrament / Sony Epic
PrototypeTrinityTrinity / Massacre Records
Ion VeinFaith and MajestyReigning Memories / Majesphere Records
Teeth Of The HydraOur Strange Man
Greenland / Tee Pee Records
Black HellZero
Deformers Of The Universe / Hater of God Records
Legion Of The DamnedTaste Of The Whip
Malevolent Rapture / Locomotive Music S.L.
Yngwie Johann MalmsteemIcarus Dream FanfarfeConcerto Suite for Electric Giutar And Orchestra / Dream Catcher
AgallochThis White Mountain On Which You Will Die
Ashes Against The Grain / The End Records
OverkillComaHorrorscope / (Unknown)
Flotsam And JetsamOut Of Minddreams of death / crash music
OverkillInfectiousHorrorscope / (Unknown)
ManowarThe PowerLouder than Hell / Geffen Records
Agent SteelDead Eyes
Order of the Illuminati / Artillery Music
King diamondHalloweenFatal Portiat / RoadRunner