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Mon Oct 09, 2006 9pm - midnight 
Masters Of Persian MusicTorkaman
Rough Guide To Iran / World Music Network
Michael Franti & SpearheadWhat I've Seen
Yell Fire! / Boo Boo Wax
Michelle ShockedMatch Burns Twice
Mexican Standoff / Mighty Sound Triple Time
Shocked, MichelleLovely RitaSgt Perpper Knew My Father / NME
FugaziBurning TooMargin Walker / Dischord
Nation of UlyssesN-Sub UlyssesPlays Pretty for Baby / Dischord
Very Pleasant NeighborBoy with Only One HeadBoy with Only One Head / Big Ten Rex
VpnFlypaperFor Nearby Stars / Evil Teen Records
Bob Drakeyeah - nobody knows what to do -a certain slabThe Shunned Country / ReR Megacorp
Martijn De KleerWhat Happened To a Young Man In aPlaceWhere HeTurned to WaterSoClose yet So Far Out / Beta-lactam Ring Records
Edward Ka SpelIt's Just a JobA Long Red Ladder to the Moon / Beta-lactam Ring Records
Parts And LaborDeth
Stay Afraid / Jagjaguwar
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic with Oral MosesI Couldn't Hear Nobody PrayExtreme Spirituals / Cuneiform Records
Neil Innes & The World9-5 Pollution BluesLucky Planet / Acadia
This HeatThe Fall Of SaigonMade Available John Peel Sessions / These 13CD
CheesebergerI'd Like To Be A RobotUitgebergerd / Laterax Records
The Red KrayolaL.G.F
Introduction / Drag City
PopulousMy Winter Vacation
Queue for Love / Morr Music
The WarheadsMy BombayFunk 'n Gandhi / Radical House
The Ho'opi'i BrothersHawaiian Cowboy
Rough Guide To Yodel / World Music Network
A Strange AttractorMelancholy StationEverything Is Closer / Big Blue Records
Another Electronic MusicianExtendedUse / N5MD
Henry KaiserMeet the FlintstonesLemon Fish Tweezer / Cuneiform Records
Phil CrumarGet with You GirlSo Unique / Up in the Attic Records
Refugee All StarsSoda SoapLiving Like A Refugee / Anti-
Eneida MartaMindjer Dôce Mel
Acoustic Africa / Putumayo World Music
Kanté ManfilaAmy #
Think Global: West Africa Unwired / World Music Network
John FaheyBeverlyOn Air / Tradition & Moderne GMBH
HowardAmbblackHoles in the sandVisiting Artists/Covers Series / Self
ShockabillyTray-Panning The ManVietnam/Heaven / Shimmy Disc
Hazel DickensBlack Lung
Classic Labor Songs / Smithsonian/Folkways
Pho (Feat. Rose For Bohdan)Big Pimpin'
Why Is Anything Forbidden? Vol.2 A Tribute To Cash Money Records / Deathbomb Arc
Skullcastertrack 8 excerpt
Bone Conduction / Boc Sound Laboratories
FrussBecause Of You
Submit For Alteration / None
The Paper Chase...And All The Candy You Can Eat
Now You Are One Of Us / Kill Rock Stars
Marz and WarwickH2 rough mixunreleased / Tapewarm
Bill Brovold & LarvalSomeplace ElseSurviving Death / Cuneiform Records
Chris SchoenSatyr
Heraclitus / Discobolus
Ruth GersonKibby Ocky Merino and the MaEsopus Number 4: Imagi / Self Release
Serene LakesWrecking BallSerene Lakes / Self Release
The Evening EpisodeWho, What, How, When
Physicist Has Known Sin, The / Slowdance Records