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Sat Oct 07, 2006 3pm - 6pm 
Red SparowsAlone And Unaware, The Landscape
Triad / Neurot Recordings
M. KourieAnd Woke In The Spring...
Dreams Of M. Kourie, The / Chrome Peeler
WizardzzChasing Our Shadows
Hidden City Of Taurmond / Load Records
Cripsy AmbulanceAt the Sounding of the KlaxonFin / Les Temps Moderns
GrowingFancy Period
Color Wheel / Megablade
Nurse With WoundUbu Noir
Not Alone: Medicins Sans Frontieres / Medicins Sans Frontieres
AsmorodFor a brighter faint ligh (Fragile salicaeé souns un terne suaire)Involvition towards chtonian depths / Solistitium
In Slaughter NativesTo Mega TherionEnter Now the World / Soleilmoon Recordings
FoetusFindMale / Big Cat Records (Usa)
Pigmata / Metropolis Records
JaculaTriumphatus Sad.In Cauda Semper Stat Veneum / Black Widow
AgallochFalling Snow
Ashes Against The Grain / The End Records
voivodSilly Clones
Katorz / The End Records
Count Dante And The Black Dragon Fighting SocietyRedwood City, Rock Redux
Fat Power / Hofbrau Dojo Records
voivodNo Angel
Katorz / The End Records
Thin LizzyBad ReputationBad Reputation / Vertigo
ValhallMountainHeading for Mars / Head not Found
Teeth Of The HydraPurgatorium
Greenland / Tee Pee Records
Celtic FrostProcreation of the WickedMorbid Tales / Noise
NoothgrushOil RemovedErode the Person / Throne Records
YyrkoonAbnormal Intrusion
Unhealthy Opera / Osmose Productions
Fallen / Moribund Records
Legion Of The DamnedInto The Eye Of The Storm
Malevolent Rapture / Locomotive Music S.L.
Deathspell OmegaIIIKenose / Anja Offensive
16 Bitch Pile UpHairless Whisperer (excerpt)Hairless Whisperer / American Tapes
Angellic UpstartsGuns for the Afghan RebelsThe EMI Years / Captain Oi!
Code Of HonorDon't Tell Me
Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984 / Subterranean
Iggy PopI Got A RightI Got A Right / Invasion
Go Like thisThe Eye of the Tornado
D-Styles/Go Like this / West Bay Coalition
Einsturzende NeubautenLeid Und ElendStrategies Against...2 / (Unknown)
BauhausSeveranceGotham / Metropolis Records
MortiisDavi Bygde Tarnet
Crypt Of The Wizard / Earache
Current 93Black Ships In Their HarboursBlack Ships Ate The Sky / Dutro