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Sat Sep 09, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
John GilmoreMoonlight Becomes YouLaid Bare / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
PlaidZn ZeroGreedy Baby / Warp Records
Android LustMemory Game
Devour, Rise, And Take Flight / Projekt Records
En Halvkokt I FolieFur Zwei Spitzen Pro Tag AutTotally Out Music Of, the / Cold Meat Industry
GodfleshPure IiPure / Earache
Ring SteppersWaterproof
Ring Steppers / Quodlibet Recordings
SchStraight To Discipline
White Music: 2ways2germanart&Workdiscipline / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Lenny BruceTits and Ass
Let The Buyer Beware Disc 5: You Better Bring Your Toothbrush / Shout Factory
John GilmoreI Am not AshamedLaid Bare / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
NasopharyngealFuneral Dirge for B.R.Funeral Songs / Crowd Control Activities
Ashes Against The Grain / The End Records
WitchBlack Saint
Witch / Tee Pee Records
CathedralSerpent EveForest of Equilibrium / Earache
YyrkoonAbnormal Intrusion
Unhealthy Opera / Osmose Productions
At War With Shadows884 Percent Machine
Truckstop Tapes, The / Hater of God Records
BlackgoatStone Of TriumphNorthwest Death Fest 2005 / Howitzer Productions
Napalm DeathDementia AccessUtopia Banished / Earache
SodomWanted Dead
Sodom / Spv Gmbh
Celtic FrostProgeny
Monotheist / Century Media
The CopsCash For Cause
Get Good Or Stay Bad / Mt. Fuji Records
The Time FlysAnti-Depressants
Fly / Birdman Records
New York DollsTrashNIght Of The Living Dolls / Mercury (1995)
ReatardsI Was a Fool
Bedroom Disasters / Empty Records
the MummiesYou Must Fight to Live
Death By Unga Bunga / Estrus Records
The VexPunch With The OtherTill Death / Self Release
Really RedTeaching You the Fear
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
Reagan YouthReagan YouthA Collection of Pop Classics / New Red Archives
Raise The Red LanternDggers In Men's Smiles
Breathe Fire / Seventh Rule Recordings
Paint It BlackAthiests in Foxholes
Paradise / Jade Tree
Black BoxFutile
Black Box / Independent
Black FlagMy War (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
MelvinsZodiacBullhead / Boner Records
PelicanMarch To The Sea
Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, The / Hydra Head
Fields Of The NephilimStraight To The Light
Mourning Sun / Spv Gmbh
BauhausDark EntriesGotham / Metropolis Records
Einsturzende NeubautenMonologFaustmusik / Mute Records
Controlled BleedingAsh and StoneSongs From the Drain / Dossier Records
Ain SophI.A.O.Kshatriya / Musica Maxima Magnetica