Cop City / Chill Pillars
Album: Chill Pillars   Collection:General 12"
Artist: Cop City   Added:Jan 2012
Label: Floridas Dying Records  

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Album Review
Jen Knifer
Reviewed 2012-02-18
Cop City/Chill Pillars LP

On this 37th offering from Florida’s Dying record label, garage punk band Cop City/Chill Pillars give us an acid trip on vinyl.
This record is filled with weird reverb-vocals and surf-guitar throughout.
Note: As opposed to the engraving on the record, "Black Side" is Side A, "White Side" is Side B.
Lyrics are not exactly clear for most songs due to vocal effects.
If I had to choose songs to play from this record they would have to be #2 and #9, and #11. - Jen Knifer

Side A

1. "Nobody Likes You" Slow, trippy song. Catchy guitar riff weaves in and out of the song.
Starts with upbeat guitar and then the band pauses, slowly jamming for about a minute, then return to play again.
2. "Then Look Around" Mid-tempo. Garage-surf with cool guitar riffs.
3. "I Shot the Deputy" Starts off slow and goes into fast guitar. Kinda like if your local hippies decided they wanted to take some speed and record the jam sessions.
4. "Jennifer" Slow, chanty, love song.
5. "Stuff Happens" Starts with what sounds like is a flying saucer, then surfy-guitar comes into play over the sound effects.
The song then changes to a faster-tempo.
6. "Egyptians" Slow-tempo, and sounds like it is influenced by an old Western movie and garage-punk. Yes, it’s weird.

Side B

7. "The Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived" Slow and haunting vocals, slow-tempo song.
8. "Thirsty Camel" Slow/mid-tempo song with strumming guitar. Slower at first but changes to mid/fast-tempo in the end.
9. "Subtropical Apartment" Slow start, song starts with “rolling” sound effect. Then becomes upbeat, and abruptly ends.
10. "Things" Slow song, chanty vocals, and garage rock sound.
11. "So Messed Up" Guitar and tom drums start this slow-tempo song about being so messed up.

Track Listing
1. Nobody Likes You   6. Egyptians
2. Look Around   7. The Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived
3. I Shot The Deputy   8. Thirsty Camel
4. Jennifer   9. Subtropical Apartment
5. Stuff Happens   10. Things
  11. So Messed Up