Various Artists / Friends And Friends Of Friends Vol. 4 [Disc 1]
Album: Friends And Friends Of Friends Vol. 4 [Disc 1]   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Tender Loving Empire  

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Album Review
catherine harris
Reviewed 2013-01-11
Disc 1:

Compilations of various Portland bands, all in the indie-rock vein. Standout tracks: 4, 5, 7, 12, 19, 22

1. The Honest Truth (Typhoon) – Heavy acoustic guitar, raw vocals, awesome trumpet and brass accompaniment, solid
2. Forms Without A Frame (Brainstorm) – Sing-along lyrics, tons of layering, steel drum, awesome guitar duets, very West Coast sound
3. Abducted (Y La Bamba) – Low, growling female vocals, minor shuffle with tinkling guitar riffs throughout
4. You’re A Winner (The Wild Ones)** – Upbeat, child-like female vocal the focus, super catchy and sweet indie pop
5. Inaudible Song II (Jared Mees & The Grown Children)* – Storytelling lyrics, cool bass riff, celebratory trumpet/brass, Fanfarlo-like songwriting
6. Knife In the Sail (Adventure Galley) – More rock influence, heavy, blooming guitar, airy synth, half-shouted lyrics
7. Rotten To the Core (The Builders and the Butchers)* – Jangling, Western jam, barn-dance-able
8. Tits Up (Spesus Christ) – Going for the comedic factor, silly voices, electronic bloops and drum machine percussion, strangely catchy, falsetto singing
9. Library Books (Upsidedown Cat) – Ode to missing library books. Adorable in a sing-along/Raffi way, lots of piano, lead vocal sings in a flat, minor monotone
10. Run With Fever (Social Studies) – Breathy female vocals, synth bloops with heavy driving percussion, typical indie pop fare
11. Smiling & Tender (Jeffrey Jerusalem) – Dance beat, spoken lyrics, processed female vocal that sounds like a baby
12. Fierce Creatures (Satan Is a Vampire)** - Layered guitar, chanting, big sound with tasteful synth opening, multiple transitions, guitar solo 1/2 through
13. Nuclear Soul (Lida Husik) – Minor shuffle, metallic acoustic guitar, Liz Phair-esque female vocals
14. Swim Wheels (Leviticus Appleton) – Strange synth/electronic melody over paired down vocals, reverb guitar
15. Bad Energy (Slow Trucks) – Cheesy backup vocals, more rock influence, big guitar sound
16. Silver Hands (Alameda) - Folk influence, pleasant male vocal over acoustic guitar and clarinet duet, strings
17. Go to Bed (Quiet Countires) – Low key dance beat, lyrics about going to bed, super cheesy
18. Salt That’s in Our Blood (Sean Flinn & the Royal We)* – Minor fast shuffle, banjo, pleasant folk/western jam
19. Anymore (The Woodlands)** – Electronic, breathy female vocals, synth layering, dance beat
20. Hook in My Arm (John Heart Jackie) – Low key acoustic guitar and quiet percussion, warm male vocals
21. Buy You (And And And) – Up tempo rock, vocals have a nasal edge, hand clapping
22. Please, Please George (Dinosaur Feathers)** - Clever lyrics, synth, Beach-boys guitar, fun fun fun

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Typhoon The Honest Truth
2. Brainstorm Forms Without A Frame
3. Y La Bamba Abducted
4. Wild Ones, The You're A Winner
5. Jared Mees & The Grown Children Inaudible Song Ii
6. Adventure Galley Knife In The Sail
7. Builders And The Butchers, The Rotten To The Core
8. Spesus Christ Tits Up
9. Upsidedown Cat Library Books
10. Social Studies Run With Fever
11. Jeffrey Jerusalem Smiling & Tender
12. Satan Is A Vampire Fierce Creatures
13. Lida Husik Nuclear Soul
14. Leviticus Appleton Swim Wheels
15. Slow Trucks Bad Energy
16. Alamedas Silver Hands
17. Quiet Countries Go To Bed
18. Sean Flinn & The Royal We Salt That's In Our Blood
19. Woodlands, The Anymore (Heavy Hands Remix)
20. John Heart Jackie Hook In My Arm
21. And And And Buy You
22. Dinosaur Feathers Please, Please George
23. Radiation City The Color Of Industry
24. Loch Lomond Blue Lead Fences
25. Boy Eats Drum Machine Silverskate Gateway
26. Agent Ribbons I'm Alright
27. Finn Riggins Parkour
28. Doctor Ew I'm Not Mad At You Anymore
29. Adventures! With Might Heavy Heavy
30. Yeah Great Fine Rise
31. Lovers Boxer
32. Skip Roxy Mouth Party
33. Archers I Forgot
34. E*Rock Centrifical Farce
35. Lee Corey Oswald Waltzes With Wolves
36. Tiny Mtns Small Towns
37. Soft Hills, The River Boat
38. Sweater Employment Bored
39. Mnemonic Sounds Keeping It Quiet
40. Pigeons 1000 Miles
41. Campfire Ok Strange Like We Are
42. Sea Bell Grima
43. Mutineers Give It A Rest
44. Black Whales Books On Tape
45. Besties Sydney Don't Leave
46. Light For Fire Ny (By The Hand)
47. Ascetic Junkies Thought Thief