Retox / Ugly Animals
Album: Ugly Animals   Collection:General
Artist:Retox   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Ipecac Records  

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1. Nov 17, 2012: The Base of A Dream is Empty
A Funeral On Christmas Sunday

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-10-14
Artist: Retox Album: Ugly Animals
Genre: Thrash Metal
RIYL: 80s thrash, Vio-lent, Manowar, Bonded by Blood
Justin Pearson, Gabe Serbian, Michael Crain, and Thor Dickey

Start. Stop. Start. Whrrrr! Whrrrrr! Clang! Stop. Start. Bwwwwr! Stop. Start. Wooorrmphhh! Stop. I just accurately described the album Ugly Animals from Retox.

*Lots of FCC*

FCC 1. The World is Ending And It’s About Time (1.03)- dark, visceral, malevolent
FCC 2. Thirty Cents Shy of a Quarter (1.11)- antagonistic, thrashy, loud and boisterous
3. A Bastard On Father’s Day (0.57)- intense punk, screamy
*4. A Funeral On Christmas Sunday (1.24)- pugnacious, like 80s thrash, threatening guitar and pounding
5. Stick A Fork In It (0.50)- kinda reminds me of Napalm Death
FCC 6. Cement Sucking (0.39)- nihilistic and hostile
FCC 7. Boredom Is Counter-revolutionary (1.43)- circuit kicks in, bursts around 0:33
FCC 8. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag(1.06)- volatile, aggressive riffs and vocal
FCC 9. A Captive Audience (0.49)- rebellious, tense/anxious guitar
10. Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible (0.50)- shrieking, bombast blasts
FCC 11. Piss Elegant (2:16)- longest track, malicious, animosities, heavy riffs, reckless vocal

Track Listing
1. The World Is Ending And It's About Time   6. Cement Sucking
2. Thirty Cents Shy Of A Quarter   7. Boredom Is Counter-Revolutionary
3. A Bastard On Father's Day   8. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
4. A Funeral On Christmas Sunday   9. A Captive Audience
5. Stick A Fork In It   10. Sorry We Are Just Not Compatible
  11. Piss Elegant