Grrrl Friend / Happening Now
Album: Happening Now   Collection:General
Artist:Grrrl Friend   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Gnar Tapes  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2011-11-29
DIY lo-fi shoegaze rockers. Originally formed in New York, this trio recently moved to Portland where they have become a perfect fit for the DGAF pioneers of modern cassette tape “gnart:” Gnar Tapes n Shit. Equal parts spunky and punky, this band lists their main interests as “NY style pizza ∆∆∆” and “adding z's to the end of words.” You will probably dig this if you are a fan of lax open container laws, the big bowl at Burnside, turnstile hopping, white-out tags, or scribbling all over your sneakers and wearing them until they fall apart. This would be a great thing to bump while you indulge in a proper meal of kegs and eggs. Now grip it and rip it.

FCC: 1, 2

RIYL: Sonic Youth, White Fang, Basement Lovers, Royal Trux

1. FCC (shit) Sonic Youth washed-out rock. Muffled vocals and massive ringing chords.
2. FCC (fuck) Messy and awesome. Blasts of pedal-distorted guitar, disorienting lyrics, all spinning out of control.
*3. Midtempo. Loud crashing percussion, layered layers of resonating guitars, melodic fe/male vocals. A great rocking jam with nice hooks.
4. Shoegazey wall of distortion with echoey vocals and spares percussion. The last minute melts away into a plodding instrumental.
5. Opens with a squeal of distortion—gives way into a thrashing punk single with and aggressive vocals, guitars spiraling out of control and strained stacks of Marshalls.
6. Midtempo. Scribbly guitars, thumping percussion. Vocals echoing through the messy scrawl.
*7. Dreampunk. Floaty female vocals, a staticy wash of guitars, and jangly percussion, all with a distinctly edgy feel.
8. Disorienting guitar and bass noodling, sound effects, haunting vocals.
9. Shoegazy rock with thudding galloping percussion and belted vocals.
*10. Upbeat rocker—deep male vocals over frantic blasts of guitar. Would easily pass as an early Pixies demo.
*11. Thrashin’ instrumental. Relentless blistering waves of guitar, smashed-out percussion, total gnar shredding.
12. Reprise of the intro track. Midtempo guitar crashes, repetitive lyrics.

Track Listing
1. Happening Now   7. By A Thread
2. How Allah Stole Christmas   8. Pet Frowns
3. Doppelganger 12-Step   9. Bestiality Bbq Ii
4. Dirtgasm   10. I Explode
5. Black Jesus Christ   11. All White People Look The Same (To Me)
6. Hydroxyzine   12. Not Happening Now