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Artist:Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Polyvinyl Record Co.  

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Album Review
Trent Kay
Reviewed 2011-11-20
A 26-track compilation of B-sides, demos, and other unreleased miscellany from an indie pop band out of Missouri. The result is a super-sweet, super stripped down collection you might well find on, duh-huh, a home tape. By turns heartbreakingly darling, exuberantly pop, little-kid punk, boppingly jangly, and backyard honest. In a lot of ways this reminds me of See You In Heaven (the Elliott Smith comp): the same achey sweetness, the same bare acoustic guitar sound, and the vocals, well -- the resemblance is all there. Sounds like summer camp. Or dandelions. Or something.

RIYL: Wilco, The Shins, Elliott Smith, that unassuming skinny-boy indie band from your high school whose members all went their separate ways to eastern colleges and never played together again

try: 5, 6, 8, 11, 18, 20, 23 (in no particular order)
FCC: 14

1. (2:53) sad, quiet, slow. naked crystal solo electric, fragile male vox. mournful deep strings. ends with some kitchen sink noise.
2. (2:15) easy acoustic strum. pleasant beachy harmonies.
3. (2:03) demo quality. cute walky acoustic, very "rainbow connection". whispers of wilco.
4. (3:16) earnest yet eerie sticky acoustic and fragile falsetto. 'needle in the hay', etc.
*5. (2:25) lazy yet bouyant sway, cool beat, clarinet. low harsh whispery vox.
*6. (1:19) melancholy, harsh, sweet. doubled elliott-style harmonies. sticky acoustic, spare beamy electric. the end (which approaches, but does not complete, an FCC) is priceless.
7. (2:11) mid-slow island vibe. handclaps, claves, uke. melancholy melody.
*8. (2:59) noisy yet sparse punkish rock that makes space for sweet vox. "i like my body with your body." the rhymes are sort of great.
9. (2:11) clear bright dual acoustic. rocking chair porch folk. no drums.
10. (2:38) lo-fi. mixed boy/girl vox. some kitchen sink percussion and acoustic knocks.
*11. (2:18) jangly indie pop. boppy bass and sticky acoustic. happy, short and cute.
12. (3:02) hooky indie beat, intertwining melody electric. beachy harmonies.
13. (3:43) falsetto harmonies and sticky hard strummed/picked acoustic. handclaps. deep rich sound.
14. (4:50) FCC ("shit") dark and slinky syncopated groove mixes with sweet indie pop harmonies. oh, the lyrics.
15. (2:12) country camp. picked acoustic, handclaps. tight, tight recording. sort of sounds like a joke. "you're gonna lose me if you don't choose me."
16. (2:46) fastish pop rocker. jangle guitar, rudder guitar. sparse, happy, light.
17. (2:06) slowish staccato banjo, melody bass, tambourine. meandering, pleasant.
*18. (2:24) celebratory punkish pop. harsh keys over rudder guitar. handclappy drum hits. loud and anthemic. see: the get up kids.
19. (3:03) muddy recording. lazy shuffling bass and what sounds like a clarinet. 'fixing a hole', etc.
*20. (1:34) fast lo-fi punk lite, sparse hard snare and funny 'huh huh' callbacks. high-larious vocoder effects. brainiac goes twee. this is actually sort of marvellous.
21. (1:09) lullaby guitar and harsh falsetto over tape noise.
22. (2:28) crappy recording, harsh high vox, pops, clanging slow guitar. a great song, despite the dragging beat and sloppy execution.
*23. (2:37) mid-slow electroclash. hi-reg vox and flutey synth. kinda adorable. "now i'm gonna tell you about missouri"?
24. (3:43) power pop. rapid circular picked guitar. quick light boppy beat. cute, pleasant, with some rockish elements. sounds like the secrets.
25. (4:58) low-frequency noise under slow sweet acoustic. lazy sway strummed electric + drums midway in. no hurry here.
26. (3:11) lo-fi harsher. messy ominous bass, fuzzy power chords, aggressive falsetto that melts into the noise.

Track Listing
1. The Clod And The Pebble   14. Coming Through
2. Let's Get Tired   15. Dead Right (Wilmington Demo)
3. What We'll Do (Demo)   16. We Can Win Missouri!
4. Song W + Song L   17. Same Speed
5. Sweet Owl   18. Cardinal Rules
6. Spinning Sea   19. Chili Cook-Off
7. Tin Floor   20. Song 1000
8. Lower The Gas Prices, Howard Johnson   21. Phantomwise (Demo)
9. Go Upstairs   22. Back In The Saddle (Demo)
10. Bigger Than Yr Yard   23. Yellow Missing Signs
11. Half-Awake (Deb)   24. Letter Divine
12. Not Worth Fighting   25. Bended
13. New Day   26. Bastard Of Rome