Trayer / Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park
Album: Afterlife An Abandoned Theme Park   Collection:General
Artist:Trayer   Added:Oct 2011
Label:Porter Records  

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Recent Airplay
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Get Free Stuff, Stoemper
4. Feb 15, 2012: Brownian Motion
2. Mar 12, 2012: Ghost Trees
Apple's Wwii Dream
5. Feb 15, 2012: Everyday Commotion
3. Feb 29, 2012: meow

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2012-02-02
Electronic that sounds likes it borrows heavily from the video game realm, aesthetic, but in the end is just plain damn interesting and good (and not formulaic or cute and trite, like the trap that video game artists fall into). Good stuff, all electronic, few samples, just analog synth sample heavy. Very well made, very evolved to several levels beyond all things that the Alan Parsons Project, Tomita, Tangerine Dream, Third Eye Foundation, ever dreamed of. All tracks good, pick any really great noise nod too (track 17).

1) (3:12) breakbeaty and electro and pretty
2) (5:10) halftime slower for first half but still a gamey electro feel overall, second half picks up
3) (4:55) slower and more dramatic
4) (3:59) acoustic guitar gets treated then turns to a nice noise/drone
5) (2:56) chill loopy and dreamy
6) (3:52) super cool looped disjunct beat yet it totally works
7) (5:27) a relatively sparse flow, with some seriously deep heavy bass moments
8) (5:01) trippy kinda spacey proggy feel with kick ass voice samples, pretty damn cool
9) (18:48) long, kinda just keeps going on a theme, cool, but… long
10) (2:00) field recording, hand held tape recorder thing boy-girl explodes with some amazing low end, wtf?!?!?
11) (3:38) multifaceted goes through some changes, at one point sounds like someone is being shot and killed, pretty good shit
12) (4:53) cool distant sampled fee
13) (3:45) silly if funky feel
14) (2:13) fun brief funky with spoken voice samples
15) (1:11) field recording? Ice cream truck totally fucked with
16) (2:42) funny silly comical carnival feel
17) (4:00) field recording samples feel, “99 bottles of beer” song, goes on then midway good noise treatments appear that grow really intense to the end, cool

Track Listing
1. Aernsatz   9. Syntropy
2. Supernumeraries   10. Get Free Stuff
3. Dissolvi   11. The Garbage Factory
4. Apple's Wwii Dream   12. Loose Caboose
5. Air Elevator   13. A Smiley
6. Stoemper   14. Bobby Tryna Ride
7. Fellowship   15. Ice Cream Man
8. Amanogawa   16. Steve Jpwns
  17. Shootin' The Breeze