Jane Jane Pollock / Jane Jane Pollock
Album: Jane Jane Pollock   Collection:General
Artist:Jane Jane Pollock   Added:Oct 2011
Label:Flea Ridden Kitten  

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Album Review
MC Dizzy Jackson
Reviewed 2011-12-10
Based out of Georgia / Florida this quintet brings us some fun soundscapes along the lines of carnival / noir / worldly-type stuff, all bizarre yet accessible. Instrumentation of organ, piano, drums, guitar, bells, with both female and male vocals. For fans of Dick Panthers, Red Asphalt, The Scene Is Now or anything slightly or totally off-kilter. Great stuff. No FCC’s.

*My Favorites*: 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, 13.

1. (2:22) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. Bluesy noir jam.
2. *(3:32) Mid. Alley garbage cans, keys, echoey vocals, plodding beat, horn. Bizarre and beautiful.
3. *(4:14) Mid. Marimba? intro. Female vocal with backing vocals, shakers, keys. Hypnotic lyrics.
4. *(3:47) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. Percussion, guitar, organ producing a carnival-type effect. Think something along the lines of The Munsters. Very cool.
5. (4:06) Slow / Mid. Spoken intro then guitar, drums, swirling organ. Stretched out echoey female vocal. Ends with spoken argument. Nice.
6. (2:28) Slow / Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. Jazzy piano / organ noodling. Hip.
7. (5:29) Slow / Mid. INSTRUMENTAL with insane phrases of laughing. Moody noir piece with organ, piano, bells.
8. (2:31) Slow. Spacey vocal delivery, very drawn out over drums, organ, guitar.
9. *(3:39) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. This one’s more ‘normal’ than the others with slick, cool guitar, some keyboard effects, drums. A bit of noir.
10. (0:58) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. Really heavy organ with all kinds of effects. Scary and bent.
11. *(4:52) Mid. Great spoken intro over a mad piano. Harmonizing, keys. Catchy. Spoken ending with applause.
12. *(3:12) Slow / Mid. Spacey organ, echoey vocals, guitar. Really mellow and beautiful.
13. *(6:16) Slow / Mid. Spoken intro with cat meow. Drum machine, organ, guitar with a Chet Atkins influence. A bit spooky and cool.

Track Listing
1. Mousehole   7. Sore Throat
2. Gloomy   8. Fleas
3. Stuck On A Highway Island   9. Blister
4. Mystic Lurch   10. Rusty Test Tube
5. Punching Jackie   11. Poor Pretty Jane
6. Spooky Hand Saloon   12. Pig And Spider
  13. Of Holy Colors