Sleeper Agent / Celabrasion
Album: Celabrasion   Collection:General
Artist:Sleeper Agent   Added:Oct 2011
Label:Mom + Pop  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2011-11-02
Reviewed by Hervey Okkles, 11/2/11

Scuzzy, garagey punk/pop from Bowling Green, KY, all with a New Pornographers-esque slickness. Really, really catchy. It's done by a bunch of teenagers, and it sounds it-- most songs feature dueling girl/boy vocals, but it's best described as "affable," not sultry. Complex song structures, with a lot of weird bridges and stuff. Boozy and stupid and sunshiney, but mostly just a lot of fun.

Note: this is RIDICULOUSLY catchy in spots-- I couldn't stop listening to it when it first came out.

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SIMILAR TO: Pixies, White Stripes, Black Lips, New Pornographers, Spoon, Arcade Fire (the bombast, at least…)

1. (2:25) **** Girl vox, with sing-a-long chorus. Best hooks on the record. "Ooh, I'm not a baby no more..."
2. (2:54) *** Bombastic, driving rock/pop. "All I want to do, is lay with you..."
3. (2:28) * The scuzziest track-- a little TOO boozy and stupid. (The lyrics on this one are exquisitely dumb.)
4. (2:43) *** Skeletal Casio bossa nova backbeat, with fades into swaying bombastic power-pop chorus. "Our love keeps our bodies moving on..."
5. (2:31) *** "I Bottomed Out..." Thrashing guitars, "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" harmonizing. Slightly darker timbre.
6. (2:55) ** Bright, speedy. Chorus broken between vocals word-by-word.
7. (3:35) *** Downtempo countryish ballad-- "That's my baby..."
8. (2:56) * Happy guitarwork, more uptempo.
9. (3:27) * Minor key stomper, very reverb.
10. (2:46) * Chanting rock with dominating guitars...
11. (3:13) Vaporous, not quite there.
12. (3:27) Not the strongest finisher-- if it isn't clear, stay towards the beginning of the record. Spacey fade-out.

Track Listing
1. Get It Daddy   7. That's My Baby
2. Force A Smile   8. Get Burned
3. Shuga Cane   9. Some White Blinds
4. Love Blood   10. Be My Monster
5. Bottomed Out   11. All Wave And No Goodbye
6. Proper Taste   12. Far And Wide