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Album Review
Gorilla Man Jr.
Reviewed 2011-12-14
Don Gere’s Werewolves on Wheels embodies the vision of its B-Music label. It really is the soundtrack to a 1971 B-movie about Werewolves on Wheels. ‘nuff said. Highlights: 1, 8. FCC Clean.

1. *Werewolves on Wheels (Main Theme): instrumental low key country jam. rhythmic and simple in a hypnotic sense. (5:32)
2. Mount Shasta Home: tattered country ballad of going to his Mount Shasta Home. A nice little guitar solo at the end. (3:04)
3. Ritual: slow guitar noises. More like a soundtrack. (2:22)
4. “One”: A random monologue. (0:12)
5. Ritual 2: spare, scattered drums and the occasional guitar tone.
6. The Devil’s Advocates: Screaming violins and a driving acoustic guitar beat. (1:23)
7. The Devil’s Advocates (Reprise): Like the first, but a little slower with more whooping. (0:59)
8. *One Foot in Heaven: Nice poppy, melodic country song about “one foot in heaven and the other in hell” (2:40).
9. Burning Grass: Decent backing music, but not really a song. (2:41)
10. Tarot: High-pitched synth noises. (0:59)
11. Tarot Trail: Tambourine and whooping. And a little bell occasionally. (1:12)
12. Dust Bowl: Wind noises and a little guitar, winds up to a screech (0:48)
13. The Devil’s Advocates 2: Starting to sound familiar (2:22)
14. Ritual 3: Again, not really a song. But it does make you wonder what’s going on in the film at this time (2:13)
15. Werewolves on Wheels (End Theme): Wraps up a lot of musical themes, specifically that of the main theme (4:45)
16. Radio Record 1: Advertisement for the film. Could be funny to play. (0:55)
17. Radio Record 2: Another advertisement for the film. (0:28)

Reviewed by Gorilla Man Jr. 12/8/11

Track Listing
1. Werewolves On Wheels (Main Theme)   9. Burning Grass
2. Mount Shasta Home   10. Tarot
3. Ritual   11. Tarot Trail
4. "One"   12. Dust Bowl
5. Ritual 2   13. The Devil's Advocates 2
6. The Devil's Advocates   14. Ritual 3
7. The Devil's Advocates (Reprise)   15. Werewolves On Wheels (End Theme)
8. One Foot In Heaven   16. Radio Record 1 (Bonus Track)
  17. Radio Record 2 (Bonus Track)