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Artist:Basement Animal   Added:Sep 2011

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1. Nov 20, 2011: ThermoNuclear Bar
Please Don't Laugh (Aka Hoarding)
2. Oct 22, 2011: Overkill
Her Embrace

Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2011-10-08
A solid powerviolence / grind demo from these newcomers. Plenty of blastbeats to go around, and that fun early 90s sound a-la Spazz or Infest, like a punk band that doesn’t realize just how fast they’re playing. Drums pounding away like a lightspeed steamroller, piss-raw punk vitriol—short songs, fast songs, loud songs. Play this right fucking now, you asshole. Try 1, 3, 6, 8.

1. (0:39) Straightahead blistering fast hardcore, over before you know it.
2. (1:29) Crushing slow parts build tension, then fast parts release the tension. Capisce?
3. (1:12) Some sick buzzsaw metal riffs played so fast you can’t even tell them apart.
4. (1:20) Grindy mosh part reminiscent of Napalm Death’s 1st LP; then blasts.
5. (0:58) Choppy, disorienting growls and blasts.
6. (0:41) Fast, obliterating, crushing your skull to bits.
7. (1:32) This is the part where the punk kids circle-pit and pretend to be aggressive.
8. (1:57) Oh, just in case you forgot how pissed they are…
9. (2:09) Chugging, proto-metallic mosh riffs contrasting with fast grind.
10. (0:59) Slow, then fast.
11. (2:00) So fast yet precise, it’s like death metal on amphetamines and adderall.

Track Listing
1. Save The World   6. Middle Aged Man
2. Unobtainable Dream   7. Lee Man
3. Her Embrace   8. Dee Man
4. Shifting To The Right Please   9. Freedom Comes With Death
5. Please Don't Laugh (Aka Hoarding)   10. Moderation Man
  11. Dripping Sorrow