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Artist:Her Space Holiday   Added:Sep 2011
Label:No More Good Ideas  

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Album Review
DJ Andi Pants
Reviewed 2012-01-10
Herspace Holiday’s self titled album features upbeat songs with vocals that sound like Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. An occasional female voice is featured in harmonies for a nice effect. Most of the songs on this album start low-key and slowly build. No FCC’s in the whole album.
By Andréa Slobodien
1. Lots of full strings, similar to something Sufjan Stevens would do, especially in the introduction. Upbeat fast vocals and what sounds like banjo picking throughout to give it a more folksy feel. The song is very upbeat and happy sounding overall. 3:49
2. Steady synth in the background with a 6/8 beat maintained by toms and a steady bass (rather than a full drum set) and male vocals. In the chorus, the music gets very big and there are more supporting harmonies (including female vocals) behind the main voice. 2:55
3. Very innocent and sweet-sounding, with a xylophone-sounding chime, staccato strings, and guitar strumming that sounds like a ukelele. The song becomes fuller by the time it reaches the chorus by adding constant synthy background noise and some flute and/or clarinet. Very happy and upbeat song, reminds me of springtime. 3:50
4. Full strings in the background with a smooth singing voice lamenting about a woman (no other instruments). Sounds like a pretty Disney romance song mixed with an Indie singer. After the second verse, the song gets more climactic. 3:30
5. Folky guitar picking and simple vocals. Male/female harmonies. Repetitive lyrics. Major chords, folksy sound. Trumpets and heavier guitar/drums enter later in the song. The ending of the song features upbeat distortion guitar strumming and more chant-like lyrics. 3:24
6. Minor chords. Voice and acoustic guitar only for the first minute or so. During the chorus, the song becomes more gypsy-like, with an accordion. 3:33
7. Full sound made my synthesized organ-sounding instruments. Heavy distortion in the background. Upbeat chords and melody. Vocals are doubled over with one singer an octave higher than the other. Active drums keep the song upbeat. 3:00
8. Indie acoustic song with simple vocals. Interesting chord choice—mostly major with some diminished chords. This is my favorite song. 3:09
9. Synthesized piano chords back simple vocals. Drums and female harmonies enter during chorus. Simple 1-5-6-4 chord progression. The song becomes fuller towards the end with strong snare drums. 3:55
10. The time signature is 6/8 and the song resembles a waltz. Male vocals with some female vocal harmonies. Full instrumentation in the background. 3:57

Track Listing
1. Anything For Progress   6. The Candle Jumped Over The Spoon
2. Black Cat Balloons   7. Ghost In The Garden
3. Shonanoka   8. The Bullet, The Battle, The Trigger, The Barrel And Me
4. The Hummingbirds   9. Death Of A Writer
5. Come On All You Soldiers   10. In The Time It Takes For The Lights To Change