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Album Review
DJ Joubert
Reviewed 2011-08-02
THIS IS DUUUBBSSSTTEEEPPPP WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB. Actually, there's surprisingly little Wob and Sub-bass on this record! It's epic in scope, recognizing where dubstep currently is and rising far beyond it - you will find electro, dubstep, post-dub, dnb and vocal trance on this. It's surprisingly mainstream and listeneable. And that's not surprising - Magnetic Man consists of THE pillars of Dubstep, these guys actually INVENTED the genre back in 2001. That's right, this is Benga, Skream and Artwork together on their first full-length album as a group. While we're pining for Dubstep Allstars Vol.1 these guys are looking to the future, and using their considerable talent behind the wheels of steel to bring us both popular sounds and deeper out-there stuff. Pretty great album, although it'll be forgotten by next summer.

Label: Sony Columbia Records (yup, there guys are main-effin-stream)
Try: 3, 6, 7, 14. No FCCs

1 (3:11, 70bpm) WTF, It's an epic symphonic piece with glockenspiel and full orchestra? Could be a Storytelling Project intro, NOT dubstep!

2 (4:42, 140bpm) *** Ms. Dynamite is THE GREATEST UK R&B ARTIST EVA! This track completely builds around her lyrics, stripped down synth pulsing, more mids than bass.

3 (4:18, 140bpm) ***** Fantastic track, dubstep meets electrohouse, magnificent production, summer hit potential, wonderful airy vocals from Angela Hunte.

4 (6:11, 140bmp) *** More electrohouse synth work, strong 2-step beat, really working the mids.

5 (4:16, 145bpm) ** Heavily-reverbed vocal cries, creepy forced whispering, deep bass dub, chanting about "the bug in the community" and "opening heavinly gates". Dark like old-skool dubstep.

6 (6:32, 140bpm) **** Not dubstep. 2min beat intro, evolves to awesome wooden percussion over 4-4 beat, dark-ish post-dubstep sound, Four Tet meets Bassnecktar.

7 (5:59, 145bpm) **** Summer Electro/Dub Hit! Katy B on vocals! BIG tune! fast, stadium-sized beats. Seriously this will blow up subwoofers. PLAY IT, This deserves to be blasted at full volume, nothing else suffices.

8 (3:48, 140bpm) *** Thick synths screaming into buzzsaws cutting through your head. Holy Fuck, hold on to your seat! This track will turn a sub into a sex toy and turn your girlfriend into an addict. Oh god, I gotta clean up the mess, brb.

9 (3:39, 150bpm) *** Feat. Sam Frank. Vocal Drum'n'bass track! Pretty great introspective vocals over good solid DnB, minor keys.

10 (3:18, 140bpm) * Slow deliberate footsteps, into SUPER-JITTERY punches and hits of wood against metal. Adding blips and bleeps. Too eclectic for the album.

11 (4:18, 143bpm) ** Straight dubstep beat, slow wobs, Katy B on vocals about "crossing over and coming inside".

12 (3:47, 140bpm) **** Long Synth Pulse intro, just a straight beat throughout. More Moog-sounds. Starts feeling dark. Evolves into melodic exploration of sad ghosts in a box, no-one to haunt. Pretty. Ooh, arpeggiated synths! Very cool.

13 (4:16, 140bpm) *** The symphonic orchestra is back, this time with some wob-wobs. Then HUGE WOBS AND 2STEP and orchestra samples. Interesting. Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa.

14 (4:32, 140bpm) **** John Legend! Hit track, again! Awesome blend of RnB and Dubstep, next-level without going too far. Good dubstep beat with very awesome tibetan-sounding chimes. "Almost There, Getting No-Where". Great outtro track.

15 (4:22, 136bpm) *** REMIXXX of track 3. More stadium electro-house fare! Wow! Too much of a good thing I'd say.

16 (4:42, 143bpm) *** REMIXXX of track 7. More epic, slower wobs, more dubsteppey. niiiiiice.

17 (4:53, 140bmp) **** REMIXXX of track 14. Slow airy flowey opening with Legend's lyrics. Uneven beats with awesome wooden/plastick percussion. Like!

Track Listing
1. Flaying Into Tokyo   9. Boiling Water Feat. Sam Frank
2. Fire Feat. Ms Dynamite   10. K Dance
3. I Need Air Feat. Angela Hunte   11. Crossover Feat. Katy B
4. Anthemic   12. Box Of Ghosts
5. The Bug   13. Karma Crazy
6. Ping Pong   14. Getting Nowhere Feat. John Legend
7. Perfect Stranger Feat. Katy B   15. I Need Air Feat. Angela Hunte (Redlight Remix)
8. Mad   16. Perfect Stranger Feat. Katyb (Benga Remix)
  17. Getting Nowhere Feat. John Legend (Skream Remix)